Love the smell of smoke

(A) who told me that, for the first time like a person feels like the first time smoking。From the point the breath of the mouth and chest spread of tobacco, like the taste of love spread from the mouth to the heart。That time will be full with curiosity, the first port may be choking smoke, but then will gradually better, will start from addiction。Until much later, only one person in front of vast night smoking when I realized, in fact, smoking like a person with different。Like a person might be painful, but not smoking。  (B) drinking black tea pot of tea when a few days ago that seemed cold winter began to disappear。Sunshine boarded the branches, when, according to some people get warm, like a spring in March。  Windowsill of potted four weeks started to grow a fine weed, a root grows close, like this life will have to hold together not resolve to grow toward the sun desperately。The real part of potted flowers in it, it looks a little sickly compared appetite, head bowed, somewhat wrinkled petals, sadly leaves。Remember the other day when the next rainy night, forget to shut the window, then estimated to be chilled out, but rather that the rain had let the weeds grow opportunities。It has always been an unexpected bonus, in love, so call it fate。  Many of the students did not meet at how the sun is not out of the overcast sky suddenly sent wedding invitations, saying that he wanted to get married。Finally a time just after sucking smoke, soot ashtray perhaps there is a temperature a little。I suddenly remembered that many years ago he was holding a blank roll of love in front of their favorite girls faltering, when the confession had to help out with all quarters, as if these things happened yesterday, like。I remember last lost love, his eyes red from crying, and beer all night and day and let an as partners。He also said that such and such a non-not marry it, he also said so right。But now, no matter who the bride, who are no longer certain that a。Looking around, we are no longer a decade ago, we。  Like the days of soot, the wind scattered。Gone with the Wind will not know what corner of the world。We have a corner that may have stopped, but it can no longer look back to those days over again。  (C) A few days ago a friend complained to me that his girlfriend was very vexatious。He asked me puzzled is that not all girls are the same, the boys have to talks about love, they can feel that sense of security in the so-called love。I looked at him a look of helplessness and depressed, he smiled and joked: you just buy a dog chain leash so she does not like you, so that two people have a sense of security。After listening to some angry friends call me crazy, but then, he seemed like a long pause, suddenly some 破罐子破摔 nodded, saying: It seems this is not bad, right to buy a dog chain。I agree with some of his laugh and cry, thinking is not in love with the people actually in some ways are crazy?  Reminded recently saw the sentence:“Without love, we may not die, but love, we will be alive。”In this case, if I were ten years ago, I will scoff, dismissive。But now, quietly say them, I suddenly can understand its meaning。I have also hold no love, I will die attitude to love a person is not it。In fact, everyone is the same, the crazy hypocritical when it comes to youth, in mature when suddenly, took off his coat hypocritical。Since then isolated and hypocritical。But when some time to think of it, or will have been hypocritical to not miss their。  Before long remembered, I liked a guy that likes to not say love。That time is like walking a tightrope, so every step carefully。Because you never know the next second is not it will fall from the rope, pieces。  Like a person, will not directly say like better, I used to think so。But like a lot of time in there will be at risk。You like her, she may not like you。She likes you, you may not like her。what is love。There is no justification is involuntarily vexatious。You never know that when you become mad love and become the person that you like prisoner。  (D) A decade ago, a friend said: If you like a person, like to not say, then asked her to go to the movies。Now that I think this sentence is actually quite literary。Like not say, then asked her to go to the movies。  After repeated deep breaths hard pressed not familiar number。So wait for the call is connected in a few seconds, repeatedly told myself, calm。Even so nervous palms start sweating, in that moment the phone was picked up the other side, all the tension and flawless disappeared without a trace。Then calmly told her over the phone: Can I ask you to go to a movie you?Then waiting for the other to answer those few minutes, the hearing began to be wanton magnified, even as large as the other party to hear the noise mixed in there breathing over the phone exceptionally clear。At that time only he knows, there are in fact exceptionally clear themselves from losing control of the frequency of heartbeat。In the period of waiting for the other to answer that time, everything might have long wanted to hear again the answer。  Because I like a person, more often we will stumble。So when the other said yes, I was suddenly glad that the phone can not see the other side of my mouth Chhnang。That she became my girlfriend after, and from that into a current girlfriend after former girlfriend。Like growth, there are also subtle love inside。Gradually you will begin to see that you think like fades。  Finally, I want to say is, thank you to accompany me to see that movie。At least it shows that I like in the beginning you were accepted, but later we have squandered the only。  Now years later, is still the case if A friend said to me is so theatrical that sentence, I would tell him: If you like to say like a good, if not say it is simply not to say。Because I finally know, love begins from a movie, love will end with the end of the movie ends。And I am the victim, this is not alarmist talk。  (E) Recently, I think this sentence: You're like a person, while also consuming love for that person。  To use something that you really like sweets to describe it。  You like to eat sweets that piece, so every time you go to the Dessert will only point which, over time, you like it, enjoy it while you make of it like your concentration will be based on the number of points and it's decline, until later, you tired。  I think that, in fact, we like when a person is so be it。Like with like with like will fade over time lighter。Some may be lucky if love will slowly turn into love, and then may not be so lucky, it would be like I said, like a person in the same time, the share of love had run out。  Now, we can not always focus only on a person or thing。  Our love and love is just a part of our lives。If our life is the sea, then compared to the ocean is the case, people are just like a little grains of sand on the beach。Could not do without the sea gravel, but if just one tiny piece in which it was less the case, it is in fact irrelevant。Like the relationship between love and life probably also the case。  Life itself will need embellishment, we are living in a leading role, but we also love supporting role。While most of the time we are upside down, zoom view, it is also irrelevant the。  Life is for ever, love is for consumption, we are used to life as ridicule, it is no。  (Vi) go to a movie a decade ago, now go to a movie with a decade later, in addition to the external environment is not the same, there must have our own distinct。  To watch movies while watching movies before possible compared to now go to a movie will see more of their own from the movie。In the movie crying in the movie laughing, living dead in the movies in the movies, in the movie sad movie also cure。  I tried to have a cigarette in sight there are so confused in smoke in a few minutes at the end of the movie, so see the world, but to make themselves more fearless。Sometimes we are not not brave, but because see too clear, but lost the focal length。Life is not like taking pictures, you can obviously sad heart smiled take pictures, you can clearly joyful heart was crying pictures。Under his own shot, only you understand, in other words, your own life and the life, you know。  Whether you ten years ago, or ten years after you change not just years to portray your marks, as well as your own signs portrayed in the years。  Love a decade ago, after a decade of love。  The object will not be the same person, like a person's state of mind may not be the same as the。These changes are accompanied by years, but one day you find that these have changed, only ten years ago, it is still the same you compare like cigarette tobacco flavor。  (Vii) love the smell of smoke。  Close your eyes, taste or ten years ago。  Open your eyes, you have not own a decade ago。