Russian governor reward residents to lose weight: Weight change coal

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, Wall Street Beijing nightlife net 20 hearing, according to ITAR-TASS reported Thursday in southwestern Siberia, Russia Kemerovo Gov. Turi Aliyev (Aman Tu Laiwei) has made a commitment to the residents of the state, should take tons of coal to encourage those trapped in obese people lose weight。  Tuliyefu said his inspiration to lose weight all the people from United Arab Emirates a successful event, "weight change gold"。UAE gold weight change with great success, "the UAE introduced unprecedented measures。"He said," The government has decided to provide incentives to residents to enable them to exchange gold by weight, because obesity is the leading cause of premature death locals。"Emirates247 website reported that this event two years ago began in July, promising to alleviate residents per 1 kg of body weight, you can get one gram of gold award。Motion effect is significant, so that the coalition government of Dubai overjoyed。  Kemerovo coal mine is the heart of Russia, the use of "black gold" as the incentives is an obvious option。Kemerovo "We will also provide our residents pay – of course, not gold, it is tons of coal。"However, the weight loss situation of local people in the end how to monitor, not yet disclosed details。  Governor's press secretary Kim Sigler (Anton Gorelkin) said the government is also considering launching a reality show weight loss。(Zijin)