Lilac flowers and open

Lilac flowers and open the text: Yunqing area behind the house there is a silence of clove, season bloom every year, which clusters of purple flowers, such as that quiet charming woman, filled with smoke purple dress, dancing with light grace, Shizuka faint sway, smile light show that a pair of glittering Shiba, the flowers of the season it call me that in this Fuzao this world, the original can still escape……    Then stop, the stop sneak this Dingxiang Lin, thin tasted with flowers, as if they were agitated soul, salvation.Sing a soulful song, the afterlife is willing to do a silent clove, even once in a lifetime fragrant, persistent feelings better in the spring bloom bright.Touch tears children at heart, lilac petals sprinkled on, with my prayers, to pursue that clove-like fragrance…..    Wind light dance, drunk breeze, the fragrance of the figure, I stood under the clove, cloves learned the language of flowers, surrounded by this fragrance, hide the sadness in the eyes of the past, look to spend this melancholy, melancholy Rui.Juyi Peng petal near the nose, intoxicated Qinxiang that moment, petal twist on the face, a slight breathing down petal Qing Yang, that piece of delicate light, pull pull the exciting feelings.    A cluster of lilac, some mood for a simple dedication, pursuit of beautiful feelings, have more meaning, with uninhibited freedom, aloof held up his soul, but in this secular world has suffered everywhere puzzled and sad.    Many times in the narrow heart day weight loss, condensate worry.Fortunately, my soul hovering sense of loss in this Lilac Garden, I wish I could control the clouds, either lunacy clamor, between the edge to edge to, shed sad yesterday.    Every spring the habit of staying this Fu dogwood purple moments in love with this ink-stained feelings, portrayed some very fine Handicraft, ingenuity vivid beautiful love story turned into a pen and ink brilliant, fascinating and charming, indifferent, alienated, condensate unhappy woman and write a beautiful soulful article focussed on the yearning for a better life, a better love.    So in my mind has always lived a woman like this lilac-like image, Allure appearance, temperament elegant, elegant sentimental, left the world and independent.Such a beautiful woman, just like fairy falling earth, touched, the rebel Fuzao secular, the elegant emotional, always focussed on this piece of flowers, breeding a sigh of earth in the rush of life is.With slender Yu Zhi pull on the guqin deserted sounds, such as the youthful eye stare Jiaoqiao, facial expression, the style charming, quiet and gentle demeanor that this mood is like a quiet and elegant ladies painting, to hear those people with smell, to touch people with the wind and the wind.    Trance gust of wind, wake up, and my heart stayed hint of fragrance, dressed with a beautiful warm, do not continue to pull into this piece of Lilac Garden.Purple flowers still Chao Chao, Li leaning style, thick and black light color of rhetoric, but also with the loss of silence, rocked down a bunch of branches, such as air slightest Huayu falling, this flower, this tree, which love, this scene..I do not know how much my dream Storage, also fell hurt my heart.Who is to say, literate people are lonely, even the words are sentimental!Just say what, words can not escape life and emotion, dream heart light, thin, light, and light, it also dyed to make this world a flashy, fall all over the floor sadness.    As this strain of lilac, once a dream lighter than falling, yet elegant than the cloud, you can indulge in a round of spring bloom, but life only once, regardless of the downtown, silence can well hope.    Spring lilac flowers and open, and if past is the past day, the breeze in this piece of incense, holding a calm feeling, to be deposited in the heart of beautiful, thin comb, buried a sad past.Shannon looked enforcement across the figure, time is stretched, not questioning the past vicissitudes, let it form a hard cocoon in the heart.Gentle touch my feelings, so Bian captures dash petals scattered in the tea, the tea carefully, fragrance Qin lung, from years of quiet good.