All gaps in life, can be filled with learning

All gaps in life, learning can be filled with text / Shannon hit the books when the simple life to the extreme, when learning has become a necessity.Spirit of joy, is the true meaning of life.Stop seeking their own inner needs, to be a man with a dream. When we had a positive age needs to be someone else, I would understand to improve their training.Little effort to explain, specifically intended to concentrate on doing something you enjoy.Wasting our lives most of the time is that obtained the approval of others.In fact, as long as we do yourself, your attitude toward the world, decided the world on your attitude. There are song in the summer, it is still a long.Never too late to start any time, I love a person, do one thing, as long as cordial pay, time will give us the answer. Life in all the gaps, can be filled with learning.We can study with a teacher, you do not stop to enrich themselves.We can go to learn a skill, to supplement their lack of. Mr. Lu said he was drinking coffee at the time of reading with others. Life can not be without aids to navigation, from the moment when we set sail, reaching the other side of the determination, determines the length and height of our lives.In the first process line, we can only continue to learn new knowledge to adapt to the social storm, standing in the tide, firmly grasp the rudder sailing. Life is more than eat, drink, more of a spiritual pursuit. Personal Micro Signal: 523 704 792 micro-channel public number: ZL523704792