And spring counterparts

But today, Sunday, sunny, warm sun illuminate the earth a cozy, red bayberry tree, jujube tree, willow and so shook the new core; camphor tree leaves beckon, but leaves colorful underground; vegetables and flowers open yellow desperately , declaring their mission successfully; looking ahead, the earth like a giant green dotted with yellow cloth, ups and downs, feeling relaxed and happy.A good horse with a good saddle, a good mood with a good activity, I have to take advantage of today, and a spring will go about and enjoy the beauty of the world of “Qingming a snail, better than a goose.”I decided to touch the screws, first pond behind the house, go on foot exploration, water cool, not cool off spring of heritage, continue to explore it, stepped on the slippery slide loess, and my heart beat a cool chatter, a be careful not to a squatting ass.A fishing smoothly, is a big screw hook up, however, to see next is full of weeds, thorns along the pond, my heart feels a little pimple, I immediately change places, continue Exploring.    Went across the pond, screw like fresh water, I have to pick up the flow of water living area, barefoot, explore, step by step down, as if Minesweeper.Pick up a small bamboo floating in the water, hey!Three small things firmly suck on it, I went below what speed, turned up the triangle refrigerator chassis, wow!That screws dense lie on top, that’s sweet heart than eating honey-third of music also, at first is the number of dolphin, then is a Bazhua.Oh!A slippery fish got into the soles of my feet, really Taigong fishing, take the bait, I gently, the feel of both sides to seize the fish gills, yeah!It became my bucket “turtle”.About strabismus, a large group of towering thorn in the pond, which was the home of the screws, it could be the snake’s nest, my hand slowly to touch in, screw a little jog, but can not escape my palm, or into my “store treasure basin”.Then, when I just – also head into it, the portrait crowded venue as “attack”, it feels really cool, it seems to have forgotten all the distractions, blindly “predatory”, head back to the sun , the head, the clothes are very fine leaves and weeds.His face burning hands added a strip bar, but the heart is still gratefully.Retrial is their appearance, the spitting image of a funny clown trousers ,, as well as a high a low a drink in the water it.I was laughing at himself triumphantly head, his hand through her hair, push the bucket, pulled a small tree to rest.    West Ramp sun, go home, the nature of the matter is I can not ask finished, had to let go and when to let go.However, that heavy bucket and two tilted fishbone “Wang Jiao,” I delight, I love nature, mountains and rivers, I would like to integrate into his arms, and enjoy his gift.  Spring Gradually the night deepened, the women carrying bamboo baskets hurry to go home, prepare dinner; men carrying a hoe, mouth, smoking a cigarette, leisurely home; cattle kept the name rings in the fields children, occasionally, bouncing a few times, it also wanted to go home; Mother duck walked a group of small crushing pace, hurried home to catch up.Everything is natural, waiting for the start of spring night dreams.    I am also a rewarding experience, ready to take credit for family.