Autumn is the season of life touched (poems)

Autumn is an elegant romantic wind softly fragrant lingering rainy autumn is an umbrella blocking the solitude soothing the mind autumn is a colorful painting off the yellow dyed the singing of autumn The red light is a laid-back cloud a comfortable place of calm autumn is a smiling face embodies the vicissitudes warm autumn and winter is a beautiful dream sweet pleasure of a closed mind Planting autumn is the season of life touched by alternating the years cultivated a successful [in such a way that I love Man] in the fly shop mentality dance season in the fall of a brilliant yellow surplus out of the water a clove ravaged heart was bent into the lingering feelings Mouli also opened his shy smile despite despite Acacia smoked in the garden full of palm comfort sweet hidden in the warm night hid fleeting love I love in such a way, hidden in a dream, let the breeze carry a miss to make blush hanging in the sky I love the love in this way, planted in the heart all over again a little love and a little love on his lips stretch on the way to become intimate tempting to think of warm and more want to be forever Attachment to satisfy my crazy wish it to spend with you I love my moon this is in such Psalms way to hide this is the love of my bitter-sweet such a way that no matter how far the road regardless of whether the oath realize I love in such a way in a crooning, [lightly] since the beginning of time in the cold in the cold beginning when I read that you overlook thousands of miles away can hear you want Qunjiao flying south gentle whisper and sound you can hear and grow old with the love song duet woven falling clouds while flying with you tours word mutual dipped fall Towers and ask you Clank Huanpei shaking the strings with the moon and Song poetry reciting lines of text to wander around the green water in the south, I planted a camphor across the shore for the fireworks and so you lost years of Seduction really want to do under the bright stars back to your hair with a delicate bride really want to disturb your chest makes you memorable in the gentle waves of Qinhuai time to hang around with you you said I was your past use of the roots of this life Nirvana chapter of our feelings now open, and our homes beautiful desert dance bar, incense promise you in the atrium, at the intersection of the afterlife and you listen to your interlocking cool air touching love words like Populus waves obsessed with the conversion of hearts to life thoughts become loyal waves In that moment tears autumn ocean has dropped flooded Mouguang looking forward to the rapid breeding of crazy Rain is more violent, and then violent wind came forward to publicity, publicity again [today] Starting from today, I want to mention to you pen dipped in water poetry Tianshan vast source of the Yellow River salvage the bright moonlight lingering handle butterfly from today I want to draw your hypocritical love to wave from the twilight drizzle swing and romance associating with warm sunshine from today onwards I ask Qing Yin shallow recite to you to find a piece of paper the same color green shawl tread lightly tenderness tempting to let verse mandarin duck fly paper curl hazy make sounds capture the romantic old [full] I fall like autumn than in other seasons that a bright golden my gentle eyes that refers to the whole blooming autumn landscape I woke across a cluster of thoughts from afar pulled blessing of branches and leaves me to hide in the back of lingering rain like the breath of autumn sunshine fiery glare no longer feel like autumn air is no longer wet adhesion like ginkgo Sad that fall most beautiful language like micro-Yang Huan clear lake that is the most beautiful whisper to deliver a touch of poetic brow exudes a hint of autumn in the Qing Yan Paper wound into a love Xinyu bright blocking the past entanglement although akishimo disgusting but also soothe the resentment of falling autumn though it is shaking se but also spawned the next stretch of the fall, I’m not sad I do not want to lament I capture the romance full of autumn fall, I do not stop I will not hesitate to return to find the truth belongs to my brilliant smile in [the] Delicate thin clouds always like a touch of walking, slowly feeling, looking forward to the wind turning, delicate floral taste.    Always like to vent quietly, gently fragrant, waving clothes cloud, share the sorrow of the rain.    Always I like to pick up a dead branches, lonely exile of mind, carefully watching the context leaves, lightly between the gentle heart.    Let Xinyousuogan should, to communicate in words, through the time of lengthy reflection, to read to chew through thin.    Let all things free fusion, soul and let the scent of ink embrace, absorb natural air filter out dust irritability.    To roam between mountains in the smile Delicate thin clouds, clear pure abundance, bloom peerless beauty.         === === want to want to come to that place where ancient called my lover will want to be like eyes told him I wanted to expectations grow wings to fly into the sunset stranger, the village wanted he went together to pick the cool nights of autumn maple leaves still want to love a man who called across the river bank also wanted to shake me passed out in his arms into the bottom collection have wanted, wanted in shijian years, on the desk, “September confession” late September ah there was a song he sang in the singing of the Buddhist goddess Guanyin he sang soft spectacle from the far south and I look at his face only posted unclear tight memo books closer look to find out the direction he wanted to come to me: do not let me open the door wandering in the wind, he said: come really want to hold you in a warm wind around the body beside a joy in my heart surging touching there is far more than Xinyu lookout night he said I was his soul hyacinth chapter geese return until the time took me to the poetry wandering May he give me a spring and a silly softly as he would like to makeup capacity I wish and a sincere desire I said I’ll do music that I love him rang his four seasons Look forward to come back a thousand years and that autumn fragrance confession by September I took great petals lit by September I treasured place