Away like the wind

[Editor’s note] I like the wind back to the village, a few days later, he has been swift blown away, leaving a lingering shadow.From the author’s knowledge back to the village, I felt all these years living in the city, was humble even as good as a grass.The author narrates in casual, showing a touch of joy and frustration, no matter where you are, they are always wandering in mind, so express: to leave the village, the village will be stopped growing.Remember village is like when I left, I remember that when I left the village looks like we are in a corner of time waiting for the other.    When I returned to the village, a village southwest wind was blowing.That wind blowing and then when I left the village opposite.  Wind is not just blowing some of the dust, some of the leaves, some of the children in the village after eating instant noodles to throw plastic bags.Floating in the air with some lighter stuff everywhere.When I entered the village, the village empty.Dogs did not ask about those dogs are just dogs village many years ago, they are familiar with the village footsteps of everyone.At that moment, they heard a good many years ago walking in the footsteps village.Chicken did not ask, villages chickens things unresponsive and indifferent.It would not to speculate on the village one more or less a person who lives it would be what kind of impact.In fact, it does not determine who you are, even if one has never been a stranger in the village went to its side, it do not bother you look glances.Chicken in the world is a relaxed and detached world, it may be more satisfied than those who live more awake.  Was noon, the village quietly.People are lying on the ground and crafts, crops have been long enough to submerge their bodies.They do not perceive much air a person’s breathing.In fact, I hit into the village when the air to disrupt the village the previous layout.I rest for a while under an old pine tree, I sucked the air there for years untouched.Dirty air around quickly go to the old pine trees, I was sucked in to fill part.I climbed up many years ago I climbed a chestnut tree, I tried to hide in the trees standing crops to people to find out, but I have not found a man.The east wind was shaking the branches swing Akira West, the branches also casually fiddle with the air.I was shaking for a while in a tree, he came back to the ground.  He went behind the house where the first floor, I met the father of Wenxuan.Wenxuan father being bent over back in the ground Weeding.I watched him for most of the day, he did not notice.He was a decade ago, the way his head wrapped in a black scarf, wearing clothes that buttons down the front of a blue polyester card.In fact, I can remember playing, he is like that, as if all these years he stopped at the same time the.  ”Peter, you are busy now?”Wenxuan father straightened up, half a head emerge from Baogu forest, he glanced at me, complex and buried head busy.He had not know about me.  ”Peter, you are still the same, that did not change it.”I continued hailed.  Wen Xuan’s father stunned for a moment, will again head the probe out of the forest Baogu.His dry cough twice, asked the sentence: “You This is where to go?”I almost laughed out loud.”Peter, you look, which I?”Wenxuan father with cloudy eyes looked at me from head to toe several times, saying” you’re like a person.”I asked:” Who?”Wenxuan father uttered the name of my father.I finally laughed aloud.I said: “Peter, I’m a baby Bin.”” Bin baby?Really Bin baby!Good easy to get Akira (dialect, meaning time flies) ah, blink of an eye so big.”Peter came out of the forest Baogu handle in the armpits rub and scrub, and then come up with a large porcelain jar from a large stump in the grass, pour a cup clasp on Cigang.I know that there is Cigang Aohao black tea.  Peter poured me a cup, said: “tea bitter, you are not used to drinking Luo?”” Fortunately it, Peter.”Hey Bo would laugh.Peter took the delivery to the tea, I saw a pair of rough hands, a pair of full of calluses, hands full of dirt.In the village, any person on earth a living, so have a pair of hands.If the village there anyone who Xipinenrou hand, it is certainly a loafer, such a person in the village was considered worthless, is to be cast aside, and despised.  Peter poured himself a tea cup Helehaoji, Adam’s apple one last look, the sound very loud, very pleasure.After tea, Peter Cheguo a dry leaf, pad the floor and cried, and sat down.I squatted next to, so I’m not used to sitting position, I Pazang my pants.  Our very casual conversation, most of the time is a primary thing in asking me out.The world outside of me as much as possible to outline a complete village primary.For things outside the village, Bo is a stranger, but it is also a curious and envious persons.Later, Peter said to me some things villages.Village about things when I became a listener.I found that I was a stranger village.I like listening to a distant story has nothing to do with my village.And I really have not been close to the village for many years, have not seen the village of flowers, the village did not climb trees, not through the village road, the village had no breathing air, not listened to village the voice.  Peter tells me to leave eventually back to the village had never been seen.In fact, my memory of Peter, still in the time I left the village, he was more understanding than my own time I.So far, the village appeared in my shadow, Chuang Tzu in the only thing that concerns me.Peter and I and greeting a while, Peter is also great interest to tell you about my wearing pants in full village Xiapao thing makes me laugh.  Bo bid farewell to the sun only two poplar high.  Back home, the yard is empty, wore courtyard with a stick.I called a few times gently father and mother, no one answer.They must have worked the piece of ground.I did not yell.If I yell, then, it will disturb more than half of the village.  I readily picked up a stick from under the door of the forehead poke a stick, just played a gust of wind, the door to scratch, and I took the opportunity to slip into the yard.Dogs in the Western wall in the sun, I walked rushing to me.In less than a foot away from me far away, suddenly leaping dog, paw into my chest a ride.I did not stand a moment, give Liaodao.Dog pressed my tongue constantly lick and suck my face, tickled I laughed out loud.I asked a few times Rao, tried to get up, but it was wrestled.I simply stumbled dogs, and playing it on the ground roll.After two or three minutes scene, and the dog did not stop mean, there is no trouble about fun.I am a little tired and decided to come up with human dignity, it snapped a few times, I looked at it this bitterly to leave.I looked at it and smiled, it immediately wants to come by.I had to re-collapse under the face.The southern wall of the group of chickens apparently have forgotten me, they hung his eyelids casually glanced at my eyes, without the slightest excitement.  Board still hanging fire pit wall before the pull out of some hoe, sickle; in front of the wing panel walls hung with full Qiang.I know which one is mine.But I have to leave the village for many years, they have also been barren for many years.  I went to the toilet to go sprinkled a urine.In pig feed in the circle next to the toilet.I opened the toilet door, pigs drilled out from the nest, they lifted long mouth in front of me is a burst of hem and haw.I did not understand what they mean trouble.Urine finished a spread quickly from the.  I walked out of the yard, looked around and rolled, and finally concluded that the father and mother in labor Wanli.  My father and mother take time to Wanli, call it a day back is in contact with the father and mother.I see, very excited father and mother.Niangshui I do not say hello to the family, a good father to pick me.I would like to say to your mother a surprise, Mother laughed.Mother always ask endless questions: do not go well along the road, hungry or not, what are they leaving.I saw him was full of mud, the mother hastily asked if I was wrestling.  I took the basket Mother, Mother fear of dirty my clothes.I say, not what has been dirty.Mother did not speak, laughed.  He entered the courtyard when the sun went down.Father busy swine feeding, the mother busy cooking, and I and the dog together, the caged chickens.  My father and chatted for a while and work to do, your mother called us for dinner.  The next day, I woke up early the.  I actively look for a lot of flowers, find a lot of trees, a lot of road to climb.I want them to know me again, I know, I update the image in their memories of.  Many blossoms and fall, and many of the tall sturdy tree.That is still wild lily clump, and around it has cropped up several new lily.But there is a butterfly flower was lost.I did not leave the village, where there is a large butterfly flower.One summer, red yellow butterfly bloom yellow to red, golden bright, but now they have been replaced by lush lotus leaf drought.I was then cross it off the tree birch trees, had grown Lao Gao.I can only look up the gesture, asking it for so many years in the village of change.  I trod upon a few cattle have been deserted road.Now, it grass Man Man.Poke lush grass, is a layer of stale litter, apparently, no one has to walk for many years.I was walking on a road from memory, who drove them to experience the feeling of riding on the road in the sticks and dry leaves in overgrown.This feeling distant and unfamiliar; the wind blew, while cattle smell of urine smell faintly heard and felt cool and really.  After the morning when the rodeo, cow bells Yinger full circle.I ring the door open, empty inside, nothing.I forgot, many years ago, they sold the cattle.  Cow in my life six or seven years.One winter, it suddenly up and picky eaters, refused to eat grass.A winter down, looks like an emaciated.Father all day nagging matter, saying only refused to sell grazing.I thought the arrival of spring, it is a burst of soaring.But in the season he was about to plow farming, cattle and lean down.Farmer most worried about is to miss the season, missed the season means hungry.Father and pronouncing things sell cattle.Cattle eventually sold to cattle dealer.The day selling cattle, cattle Lai life and death does not come out in the circle, is a trader with a stick strips come out of.Cattle were led away when more than tears, your mother can not help but cry.  A cow left the village, it is sad.I do not know the cattle have not thought about, it was supposed to die of old age in the village of.But now, it has long been broken down into pieces of beef into the thousands of families, a lot of people into the stomach, and then broken down, digested, and finally wiped out in this world.  I tried to find some of my year marks left by the roadside, for example, dug a pit, or one of the partners and kill chess stone, or rock crevices possession of a child caught with stones.But I found nothing, the pit has been flat, the stone was gone, disappeared stones.I left the village for so many years, the road lost so many things.This in the end is the loss of my way or the loss of it!I sometimes think clearly.  I saw a growing lush grass, they have swept over the top of my head.Thatched cattle most like to eat.I parted the grass looked pocket, no short pile, only dead grass stems.Obviously, this is a grass mowing and cattle have escaped people for many years.In such a clean field, willfully growth, completed one after another extraordinary and full of life processes.I think the grass is happy.  Over the years, I humbly living in the city, I do not even as good as a grass.Grass does not like me, wandering around; not as I do not live in the village any excuse to leave the village Batui.They put life deeply hidden in the thick loess in, regardless of barren or desolate, they are patiently waiting for the coming year that ray of spring.  I also met a group of dogs.  They seem to going to deal with a very intimate thing, afraid of people in the village know, so they do not choose the road of the village, but chose this deserted road Abandoned.  A couple of years ago Old Yeller is a good village dog, to see me, they naturally give way to me sideways stand by the roadside.I suddenly guilty up.Because I was the lead dog with stones thrown, dragged a lame, bumps in the village too long.It is a dog-chang of the country, a very ferocious dog.  In the village, a rare out a powerful dog.Chang is the national dog beat half the village when the dog of the Goucai.When the dog queen, bitch spend all day triumphantly entangled in our family.State-chang had been pounding on the nest of my family tree, I told him not to pound, pound chosen him, so I threw the dog his house with stones.Dog again powerful, it is a dog.So, after the dog was I to throw stones at the king, and I will see the low head slyly.But Wang eventually the dog and the bitch took my family breeding a litter of frisky puppy.So many years have passed, the dog is old, but it is still a village dog king.  I recognized it, I do not know I did not recognize it.  There are a few young dogs, they do not know me, I do not know them.They are after I left the village into the village.Two of which with strange eyes looked at my eyes, and then, the sky a few words for Hu commotion.I did not bother them.I know that they will not bite me.  I just fell over the body, the dog went on his way, blink of an eye, it disappeared at the end of the road.  I casually channeling in the mountains for a while, until your mother told me to go back and eat.  The next few days, the village is no wind, there is no trace of weak winds.In the past when the wind, a wind and I could hear the sounds of the villages far and near.  Wind is a naughty guy, a widower Village head’s mouth it will scrape the western end of the village to a widow’s house; also the western end of the village, a woman blew Village head to dry in the yard of an underwear men’s white picket fence.The rise was playing, it also suddenly in the night shaking sound of a young couple, and spread to every corner of the village, no’re getting some of the sleeping dog in heat, circling round and round in the nest.  A week later, I have to leave the village, return to the city, leaving no footprints me any, where work and life.  Left, as usual, windy village.I was swift blown away, leaving a lingering shadow.Like the village of old tree, the sun often pulled out of the town in its shadow.But I know that the sun let go, and then pull the long shadows will rebound village.Leaving the village, the village just a few people talking.There are some things go to waste and therefore, no longer mentioned.Leaving the village, the village will be stopped growing.Remember village is like when I left, I remember that when I left the village looks like we are in a corner of time waiting for the other.  The coming year scraping a village in the opposite direction of the wind, I would scrape back to the village, my village and back again in the same time, accompanied by some old stories, old again.