Because the dog, I have the pleasure of summer

Summer Xiao Meng, shaking doors years.Those emotions, Chun-sheng, long summer, autumn and Tibet, look for winter, the cycle.Unwittingly, the window insert a friend of willow shoots issued, fresh breath, looming in the wind.Afternoon, obsessive landscape outside the window, a dog strayed into the campus, to the poetic summer, add more joy and fun, giving bursts of joy.    In fact, watching others in space travel photos uploaded, I am very envious.I brooded, but also have the opportunity to go for a walk, encounter flowers, to pursue a dream.Out of the cabin nice, sometimes sunny, sometimes the wind was blowing.Head high, just to see the distant mountains, winds circling, hidden a few spots, quietly writing a Lost Time.    Walked silently, holding a bottle of honey jasmine tea, could not bear to open, you need to have sharp eyes for a moment, waiting for the heart to calm down.Because it was Sunday, come rain bridge, pedestrians, and occasionally see a few, nothing more than a few couples, some of the girlfriends of it.Slow down the pace, light all the good concept, but I soon seem superfluous, like a gust of wind drifting, a drop of water falling into the sea, did not get attention.But I do not need others to pay attention, smiling, go its own way, quietly escape from this place.    All the world is to meet long-awaited reunion, maybe this life is the enemy of each other, is hearts of stone.Maybe you do not know past lives are a couple, a couple, loving again and again, hand in hand and common.So, the chance encounter with the little dog, and I regard it as a sacred thing, serious writing, no missing.It began to rain Meng Meng, people fled to the place to shelter from the rain, beatings joking, enjoying themselves!A few steps away, suddenly I found a lovely dog standing in the rain, trembling, wagged his tail at me, seems to welcome the.I do not understand what he meant, no doubt, he may have got lost, it may be abandoned, could be frustrated, may also be waiting for the arrival of the owner.Quietly looked at him, I feel miserable, thinking distressed, looking worried, I will not go any further, try to communicate with him, he has a lovely paws, neat hair, wearing a collar.Because rain is wet, a pair of eyes, bark like water, lovely and pitiful.    When I approached him, he is very cute, very naughty.Like a foreign gentleman, very gracious and polite.At first glance, his white hair, black eyes, the ears are erected.His earnest squatted on the cold ground, like a mountain, the wind does not fall, break up large rain.He’s the head of it, has been carrying, sometimes, also turning, peeping pedestrians, waiting to see if his people and scenery.His eyes are very cute and bright, looking straight ahead.His nose was flat, two small nostril breathing.When bored, he will fine small tail shaking, quietly hiding in a corner of a daze.He wags its tail look very cute, like a small fan, inadvertently, giving a cool pleasure, this is his favorite time, but also his way of welcoming.    When I greeted him what he was afraid.Looking around the square, as if to seek something.Maybe home, partner, or owner, but who can not read, most people only think he’s cute, others would not think.Careful observation, it seems that every stranger who is his enemy, he fears, fear and helplessness.Occasionally, a man came to him, he would back a few steps back, ten steps.Just a man riding a bicycle through, he frantically fled, went beyond ten meters and give them to a road.Wait for someone else left, he went back to the original position, earnestly wait, silently looking at the distance, quietly concerned about all the moment.    In my life, he is the most dedicated I’ve ever seen.From morning to afternoon, the sun rose in the early fall, it seems no one can stop him waiting.When I passed this place a second time, he remained motionless, like a pine hills, strong and unyielding, I see wag its tail, boogie.And then he sat still, like a statue of Buddha, know everything, overlooking the earth.He waited for the people has not come, even a little bit of time in the past, he was afraid to leave.Master fear and miss, so that the owner happy.    He behaved, very friendly to me.I was stroking his hair, he did not resist, just as a meek little sheep.So many people, only me and my closer together, closer.And his play is my happiest thing, occasionally with a small paw in my hand scratched, with the mouth nibble my trousers, or with a flexible tongue gently licked my hand, feeling really comfortable in this season, it is difficult to find joy and satisfaction.    He longed to find the owner.He did not want to stray, do not want to be laughed at.From the beginning to the present, he is very anxious to see.From time to time quietly barking a few times, no one can hear.Cleaners came, grim, took out the broom, he will drive away, he was unhappy and go, and so I walked over when he could not find a trace.Hope such a beautiful summer, he can find his home and parks his mind.    The world is love, love of all things.A tree, a flower known seasonal changes.Boom and bust years to understand the plants and trees.Our lives are too busy, too much this kind of thing too much, and forget the bright side.Because this puppy, I deeply understand the great stick, waiting for happiness.This summer, not hot, not hate, memorable because there is a puppy waiting for his arrival, I had.    Author: Guo Hua QQ: 1625426841