Blooming tea millet, Chanafanghua

Fleeting years, downtown dream, life is like drama, drama is like life.Turning around, she explains to Shao, Huaxin Love, like a dream.    The dead of night, the silence, the only summer rain, the air damper desolately.Reclining clear window, serene wind and rain, thoughts and turns, dreamlike, the idea of what dim memories.Thousand thoughts knot, wishing to read it, difficult to express mood, wishing to forget it, full of melancholy.    Bodhi unharmed, Millennium instant, fleeting perishable, youthful appearances, only empty months, every night Minghua, a thousand years as Japan, enduring.Ma’am, between lingering heart, only to hold a pen, writing stationery, thoughts flow, drops of ink into the incense.    June early summer, graduation season, full of confidence Chi, swear and high days.Swagger, fearless examination room, calm answer, meditation count the ways, and then, after all, is unsatisfactory, fallen off, and his blog way, thus mildly, desolately Aiai, more than six months.    The passage of time, the end is nice, long life, why bother angry, Concerned at ease?Left his academic work, feed their families, when there is irritability, when there is sadness, when there are tears, when air regret, however, the years poem, put down, that is, Buddha.    Leisure occasion apart, like reading, sipping tea fine, or, strolling, watching a, blooming tea millet.Hopefully, Rain or shine, see Pretrial blossom; fate not, hope heaven Yunjuanyunshu.    When it was evanescent, who is also getting old, memories dim, like a spring breeze Shili, refreshing bursts.    Pull a summer rain, the rhythm, soul soaked.Thoughts swirling, gazing distance, feel, sweet smile, purple street Red, the most beautiful encounter.    Flowers of the season, peaches and plums fly, exuberant makeup, happy, smiling.Amidst the lingering, holding umbrella plain, quiet storm, prosthetic wind, have for the rain, fluttering dated, left behind a land, real estate broker, touch, joy from the heart, from the grin Yan, Empress Dowager, dumping more people.Whisper, smile, holding hands together, side by side wind and rain.    Fillip years gone three set, parting the occasion, fry brilliant, people have weight loss.    Reluctantly, waved goodbye to edge to edge, empty, stained maple, rewrite the story.    Fleeting gone, every person has not, blooming that year, but the moment.    Solitary standing, sigh for Love, but each year, but each year, gone in an instant, people have changed.    Rainy season, Caoyangnianhua, vowed eachother, no match for the final, silent years.Dream flower, blooming full bloom, long road, Jing thorns spine, bearing in mind the end, struggling to chase.    Sign off now, mind it hard, past the wind, floating in faint, are like an empty dream.    Xia Yu Xiaoxiao, a long night, brew a pot of tea, fine chemicals Qingming, tea-filled, slow Shu mood.A piece of paper Su Jian, pen and ink fragrant, shallow writing, the book difficult language, understatement, so far taken.    Fleeting years, the dream bustling, blooming tea millet, Chanafanghua, If you need to keep in mind: cherish the present, live in the moment.    Text / memo late QQ: 1726301770 Sina Weibo: Jian Chi