But did not forget Acacia

Those occasional day and night, looking, I said I do not know.Like, I do not understand the wind gentle snow.I just want to sleep in the afternoon after no one, the dream, the one warm through ice.Wake up, it becomes a stranger with a past.    —- Inscription cold winter’s extreme weather, standing in the yard of all things bleak, feel grand scale and seriousness of winter, mind, as also experiencing a Muqiu.A long time for a long time, we are trying to find an excuse for their own, saying that all languages but is a Zen made bedding, ultimately, just be a phrase Buddha said: Oliver bounds, mountain heavy water complex, sorrows and joys of reincarnation, the common people hard ferry.That touch on the old green years, after all, not in small print fluttering blue and white footage, not the late autumn dewy moss, looking for the next month is not that one is not open defeated Fang Xin.    Years, was a storm of doom, is the number of a life journey of four seasons, is a number of people transported life, although, Kam book still, Lin Ching Yun white paragraph is already clear understanding without a trace, hard to entrust.So, this is better to treat yourself Mo, with a smile heart smile, not rivalry with time, not love and mundane theory, live in the moment, live in the unusual beauty of living in a quiet wind.Because all heart ferocious delivery, the end is at hand is less than the temperature of tea lovers.    I would say that every season there will be the turn of the restless thoughts in the soaring, as, ended Shaohua place in a page poem, fate stranded at the beginning of the dream.And I met working with poetry pass you, from my heart will no longer be a pool of still water.I will myself be released from solitary seal in advance, all the way, chase with your eyes, so that more than one kind of leaves also devout convert, put pen to paper thoughts into words in the chapter where, after waiting, you are a casual in some of the depending on where gladly remember.    When talented Eileen Chang, after falling in love with Hulan Cheng, at the end to lower the proud head, run to a small woman’s gentle.And leave the most beautiful Quotes: I met him, she became very, very low, low to the dust, but her heart is joy, from the dust in bloom.So, I’m sure, I have gone through your day and night with a bright smile, to be old that day, it will certainly order remains charming quiet beauty, you become his most graceful moonlight.    Perhaps, sometimes life is vulgar deal.And large secular deal with the human small deal, with the surrounding trivial trivialization deal, one day, the heart will be tired to break a limit.Then, standing in the bitter cold in the north, down the so-called well-being of all the sorrows and joys, O breath, closes a door, to close at heart, he buried a ray of soul, lying in the cotton-like clouds refused to wake up.Perhaps a strong willpower will never easy to say a tired, she just willing to be years of deep pools that one of the most stubborn of stones, such as by a north wind sharp scissors, cut off alone and lonely, cut off like in bloom, cut off the decadent and complain.Then, he smiled and said to myself, no matter how many rocks and shoals in front, that happiness, after all, is not too far away.    Buddhist reincarnation say: Everyone has a past life is closely related to life, as a wise man stepping from the solar corona, the interest rate will be in accordance with the incense of a soul to retrieve a complete own.Found, quietly spend, tightly grips, allowed themselves to this life, do not panic, do not lose, to appease his thoughts, that is, in life one of the best fit.    Around the tone on the winter, in the eyes gradually deepened.I waited at the window, watching the sun day than the day of late, lean look of dust into the shady trees in the misty fog.Although some of the old habits of the past still persist, however, in the heart has begun to give birth to a little tired, for example, met a year, now they begin, just look back a touch of the vicissitudes of the face, haggard and fullness, then it is difficult to distinguish.Often I think, if I was a flower that cliff, must also be able to endure the bitter cold to such and such, so, we can depict their own Rhapsody.    I like a butterfly at the time of writing, the flowers and so quietly, up in the wind, and so on into the gray sky turned blue, unconsciously, Shaohua, such as the weather has to be late.There are many things in life can be readily discarded, and only a pleasant mood, it is lopsided in a time full of flavor of the book, writing a lush and assured fleeting, writing me, the years in the thin cold both a physical and mental net of Enron.    I said, this season is suitable for the past written some words, the distances, the year in a hurry to play outside the movies lost souls.The last remark, which one onlooker picked up, please return the site, I will serve tea, reward.Perhaps the lost souls hidden in wrinkled clothes in the wind, so I separated the scent of fireworks hand, the sun just across the fingers, charming in my eyes, some irritation, I closed his trance eye, finally, only hold a Liangqiu.Friends good reminder: flowers, not think that in a day of long-winded and uncertainty is an old expression?I Zhengzhu, with long, without a word to re-sort all the clues again.It turned out that the soul has been, but was shelved in a section of a section of text, fulfill the heart and time Lengran confrontation desolate.    It is said that the true nature of the flower is a woman, even in the cold north, still has the passion and character can not be ignored, such as the strength of character of a plum blossom in the sun on full foliage.I never go envisioned that I would be everyone’s eyes what it is like.I just found myself, no matter when and where to, even if it is abandoned for a whole season of context, but also insisted condensed into black and white outline, insisted, standing watch in the world’s longest love, willing, destined to be passing people remember.Love, life would be a metaphor wandering cloud water, the road is unknown leaf fly-by rushing water, if water is celadon verse in a flower moon net release it gradually charming in those lean text, eventually your day was inadvertently read, light dance on the brow, and gently into the palm, you become deep in Xiudi of a subtle fragrance.    I love those words, I was often written in a messy, lonely written a bottle with weeds, then, I stood where such a person is to wind Octagon view, the delay can not find a suitable end to to punctuate Zhang residue doing all.However, I still go rather Chongqing love with this text, I will idle all kinds of emotions in the text in cooking, there is always a meet mark in the warm bundle in the stack, it is indispensable fireworks, burning the fleeting Highlights.    And a man, talk about the past.It was once a restricted area for many years, and do not open, others can not get in.His statement said: so many years, I’m sorry you still owe.Add that I can not forget.Thus, the overwhelming silence, silence is the weather before the snow, freezing a person’s face to rock bottom.Only text, but also could not help but reveal their.But distant landscape, but vegetation desolate, but vulgar feeling of well-being, but the people of shallow, but did not forget Acacia.    As a friend said, we are, after all, is inadvertently was time carving on the inscription has become a veritable old man, then, by years of relentless grinding mill wheel.Fleeting, is a situation after another surging, many memories, forgotten in the years of deep lane, term, weeds and groaning thoughts endless round of spread, too easy, there are tears rolled down wet clothes.Now, vegetation has flourished and bleak period, then the old time of it on wayward old.A loved one can be against unbridled laugh wrinkled, so that you can ignore the white hair color cream has been flying from the originator to the hair root, not seeking absolute beauty, but for the good care of the heart, to do elegant woman, even if old, may be the most beautiful heart looks like someone.    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