Tan Kwai fragrance, the sky was clear.Finally have some free time and a friend came here especially the long Yuqing Township, Chaoyang spend large cave.Chaoyang is located in Chaoyang Huashan Mountain (aka Sands Singapore), the shape of the lion’s mouth, the shape of small speakers, the legendary morning glow of life, evening fog condensate, east born, hence the name.According to research, the hole is five years since the Republic of China, due to strong incense, many believers, combined with exotic, dangerous, vivid and fame.    Indeed, the cave for me, mostly with a mystery.Natural day Handicraft wins, Sekihisa culture of precipitation, aggregation leisurely deep philosophical Xuxu statue aesthetics, these beautiful words made me imagination.When the car went, I thought some fantastic cave wonders.Wait until exposure to the hole, I realized that I imagine the wings touched the magical situation without setting edge.Seven Wonders of Nature millions of years to create, breathtaking, linger.    Chaoyang entrance to the handsome, built a small gate does not seem out of step with the cave, but enter the cave, you can see here gurgling water, strange rocks, ranging in width, is ideal viewing cave.Cave water, sometimes in the soles of the feet, sometimes in the roof, but when you only heard and not seen, flow.Cave rock, forming a “Animal Kingdom” strange things, some like a lion, and some, like the rabbit, and some like goats, some like a crane, and some like a hunting tiger, monkey and some like to play water.Even more strange is that here the holes have holes, the holes have water, unfathomable.In the cave, visitors can walk in the air and wearing two walls, nowadays when the fun increased sharply.There are also a dozen sizes, thickness ranging from stone bed, knocking them make different sounds, very musical, just like the sounds of nature.If playful spirit, you can rest in the stone bed, it takes you endless joy and reverie.In the cave, each attractions so that you understand what is lifelike, vivid, talent.With the deepening of travel, your emotions will be constantly changing, admiration, surprise, tension, walking in this scenery, the people really doubt that they are in the world or in Wonderland?Beautiful.Summer seems like fall, swim meantime, the mysterious quiet, superb view of the endless spectacle, accompanied by colorful lights, sparkling, colorful.    The ancients said: the world of the spectacle often at advantageous.With the in-depth tour of the large cave like a winding dragon circling, the scenery is strange depths of the cave, cave roof many different sizes hanging stalactites, stalagmites cave long a lot, depending on the style locals played a lot of interesting names, such as “soldiers on the battlefield,” “immortal party”, “get karma”, “Sun monkey water”, “Fireworks”, “Tathagata refers to God” and other landscapes.Look at “immortal party”, one of the highest stalagmite, very like appearance, “the South China Sea Goddess of Mercy”, an air of realism, vivid, short of some stalagmites few around as if to pay homage to the Goddess of Mercy; the most interesting or “invites” up from afar like a huge cup of ice cream, but also like a cloud of the Olympic torch burning Xiongxiong.Look at the photograph natural “mural” no less, and some like patches of clouds, and some, like blossoming lotus, some, such as clusters of giant mushrooms, and the like westerly shutter.Really thousands of style, leading the trend.Room tour, you will see the towering stands, Yuzhu roads leading to the sky from the roof, quite angry at first glance Buddha refers to heaven momentum, hence the name “refers to God Atlas,” etc..Everywhere magical, memorable, in which you can really feel God good fortune of nature, how it’s imagination to the limit.Sincere face of nature to Jie for millions of years, I marvel, filled with emotion!    Chaoyang is not only a magical cave, a mysterious cave, but also popular with many folklore touching.It is said that long ago, there lived a simple and honest farmer next to Chaoyang, he has a wife and two children, and an old father, hard-working farming family, life is booming.Farmers not only loves his wife, children, and more filial piety and charity, willing to help others, he was praised by the neighbors.One day, the old father was ill, four lackluster fill a prescription.The children of his father’s illness worried.This honor mood moved cave Buddha, Buddha on the tomb farmer, told him to hurry up the mountain spring water to take old father drink three days will be able to illness.Farmers would have to take to the hole on the spring to take his father, his father’s illness really good, the news spread, villagers have water up the mountain, hundreds of miles of cave people due to drink spring water, a robust rarely sick individual grid.Since then, people call this cave as “Buddha Cave”, the cave spring water is “holy water”.Because every day people are doing here, the hole must be holding a lantern, torch lighting, over time, the roof blackened.Indeed, he leaned over holding point “holy water” entrance, refreshing, sweet as jelly, cool!    The sky is so lofty, that the earth is so broad, years predicament, the Millennium Kwu Tung, this is not only a natural evolution of specimens and magical landscape, but many human story of origin and heritage, in here you will be able to experience the life of another kind of mood.(Note: This article is published in the “Dragon Lake” county magazine)