Ching also said that poetry to Hebei

Poetry all the way to Hebei, mountainous region to the plains; Hebei scenery is a good, good and the Taihang Mountains in the west, the North Yanshan Shanhaiguan, two mountain to the original level, plain water Gulf of Bohai Bay.Hebei Plain is a plain.Yellow River south of Hebei plain, China’s largest river, is a watershed in Hebei and Henan and Shandong Province. Shanhaiguan, Hebei Province, is the dividing line between landscape and Liaoning Province; Beidaihe Scenic Area, Qinhuangdao outside the big boats, it is the world famous China.Yellow shrimp fish everywhere seek, in that period, Hebei Province, he said to eat well. Yanshan persimmon tree, Scholar point granary; two pounds of corn mountain, can be exchanged for a pound of persimmon cake, you are willing to eat, I was right. Taihang Mountains emerald pear sugar, Zao Ren scored again incense; nephrite powder does not intoxicate.It could have been four poems, I forgot something; do not remember.There is a saying of the Taihang Mountains pear pear aroma with a pond, which is to say: a pool table sugar emerald pears.In short, Hebei Province pear delicious perfume.Pepper, fennel, cinnamon, sea salt fry the Jin Silan Zaoren is delicious powder; crispy sweet tea powder.So, I realized in Hebei Province, the Friends of the best poets of clear; you can eat plain Yamada, eat in Bohai Bay side to the wet, eat fresh seafood.How good.Boone wanted to poems Alin (Manchu) China Hebei Chengde palace, Boone Alin cool wet, sunny, outside the Eight Outer Temples to see the flag, Manchu Xiang Huang also upwind.Liu Lang wanted to poems wetlands horizon rainbow clouds and rain, humilis Hong Ying Liu doctor, how much money thirty-two pen and ink, as well as optimistic about the paper catty.Poetry would like Wei Chang thick occasion to occasion literacy Wei Chang, early landscapes put cattle and sheep, Moment in Peking small rivers often flow Wei poetry and music home. What a poet Hebei Province, Hebei Province, pastoral landscape; sa leading poet too little, wandering the sea to eat, and how it comes to drunk Eight Immortals.The rest of the poet, about all wetlands in the romantic seaside; Wang Ching man I dated hook cheap, fresh seafood fast ashore.Night also hanging pole.Sea hanging, hanging love; Qinhuangdao playing outside fishing, vast expanse of water are gone, know who to side; I know, in the water fishing na.Shrimp swim, I go.