A quiet state of mind is better than a few minutes of prosperity

Some days often feel tired, so I use this space to write thoughts about my state of mind for thinking or moaning without illness.. Take out a stack of bookmarks from the bookshelf, fold up some dull or special days, and then unfold them slowly, like unfolding the poetic flavor of a season to dispel some feeling of fatigue.. To embrace all things in a indifferent and peaceful state of mind is a kind of sweetness even if there are thousands of sufferings in life.. Most of the time, people are animals that need sustenance. Alone in a busy city, the heart will occasionally lose its sense of direction, become blurred and broken, like a moth gnawing gently, pestering a heart riddled with holes. It takes a state of mind to make peace in the middle. It is not only a kind of life attitude but also a kind of calm and calm respect for life. The difference between birth and accession to the WTO is often only one thought, and the difference between positive and negative is only one water.. In this view, the state of mind of clear water and light clouds has the same effect as the Buddhist state of selflessness. The difference is only a accession to the WTO, a birth, but ultimately the same fate..     Everyone yearns for a smooth road in their struggle and hopes for smooth sailing. However, life’s reefs and waves are hidden everywhere, and it takes a calm and calm to drive a boat on its own and fly straight to Yun Fan to break through the waves.. When life is moldy, can you keep a calm heart like water? Lights dim, taste sadness alone; When you go up to a tall building alone, you can look all the way to the end of the world.. I only wish to regain my beautiful dream and dress up my colorful life. Some people say that when you are satisfied, you are cool, but when you are frustrated, you are calm. Don’t worry about yourself, just watch the flowers bloom and fall before the court. If you don’t want to stay, follow the clouds from outer space and roll up the clouds.. Floating in the world of mortals, there are many temptations and impetuosity that occupy the heart. Can the heart stained with dust still blossom into a lotus flower that is not stained with silt?? When the heart is clear and calm, it will no longer be sharp and sharp, stabbing others and easily breaking itself at the same time.. Everything has been rounded and the once stubborn pursuit of perfection is now just laughed off.. So, I understand that nine times out of ten, if I can’t face it in a clear and light state of mind, I can only feel dejected by my already exhausted body and fragile soul.. The road between the heart and the heart in the world is the longest and the hardest to walk. The heart is tired – there is no limit. Whether the dusty body can still flow a clear spring water? When the tired heart is full of scars, when the vicissitudes of life face is full of tiredness, would you like to take a boat and shake it softly to look for a new heaven in the real peach garden? Whether there is still a feather fan and black silk ribbon towel left, and whether it is still a lofty sentiment that has grown stronger and stronger than ever before.?     In the complicated world, if you want to be an elegant person, you should learn to put down the shackles of your heart and have a indifferent state of mind. What you are seeking is not a rainbow but a distant sunset glow.. Most of the time, I like being lonely, feeling lonely and enjoying myself alone. When loneliness comes, I always greet it in my own way. Make a cup of strong coffee, savor your state of mind carefully, and slowly knock on the faint thoughts in your heart. Mood became soothing because of the clear and light poetry of the water, like an elegant melody wandering between the heart and the sea, knocking on several rusty doors. Looking at the moonlight and appreciating the full moon in the poetic scene, the bright moonlight is like veils draped over me, and the soul is baptized by the moonlight.. I am intoxicated, intoxicated in this lonely memory. Just such a quiet night, time flies by. My life needs such a kind of peace. In that quiet loneliness, I don’t have to worry about cheating in life, and I don’t have to worry about depression in daily life, so that my mood can have a unique enjoyment in solitude..     The fairyland on earth is only a dreamy aestheticism in the eyes, and the state of mind of seeking water, clear clouds and light clouds should be in peace with the times and feel in peace with the times.. Some people say loneliness is a feeling and an emotion. Some people also say that loneliness is a concentration of personality, a sadness of loneliness, and a performance of shattered glass … Ah, we don’t dream of butterfly, but rather turn it into a leaf duckweed in reality and move along with the flowing water.. Of course, I don’t forget my position, but only care about the scenery I met all the way and my thoughts flying with the wind.. The desert smoke alone, the long river sunset, the lofty green hills, the noisy world, the tranquil countryside, where is not the underlying cool factor? Snow falling plum blossom beauty is like blood, pride is not high above the sky, but an attitude of equanimity. All thoughts do not lie in the cold of snow, but in its place in people’s eyes.