At sunset, the wind and smoke break at dusk

Time has wasted, time has passed, time has changed too many things by accident, it is too late to look back on the details, it has come and gone in a hurry. Memorizing the old time in my memory, I passed our fingertips lightly, leaving behind a string of broken thoughts. The past in the youth, such as the beautiful story, has a very sad memory..     Unconsciously, the autumn was clear and deep, the fallen leaves were drifting with a withered and yellow posture, swaying with sad songs, and falling in pieces to the earth in the gusts of autumn wind.. The long time went to Qiu Lai in spring like this, and the cycle passed by me again. Seeing things and thinking about people, it is inevitable to touch the scene again. At dusk, I meditate and lament that it is a time of passing water, but when the years are old, the time fades away from the hearts of the people..     Sit by the window and watch the sunset glow. It seems that this rhythm of life will always make the body and mind tired and boring every day.. The world is like a net that has plunged us into it. No matter how hard we struggle, we can’t get rid of our life. How can we say that we are so unhappy?? Yes, that’s true. There’s only so much to accept and bear..     Taste life, bitter self – knowledge. I have been used to living every day for a long time. Sometimes, I yearn for a place where my heart can live to savor quietly and be alone with myself. Even if I am lonely and lonely, it is much better than being dull and boring, and I will not hold back a few old memories of the past.. Perhaps, in the face of a monotonous life, people often hold memories of the past to enrich their souls when they are lonely or bored..     Through the long stream of time and through the low ebb of emotion, no matter how I bear the kind of struggle in my heart, what can still be destroyed is the loneliness of one’s time, wandering hesitantly, gradually forgetting how many past and stories should be continued on the edge of sadness and happiness, and this broken pen can no longer touch the joy of sadness in my fingers..     Dusk is a person’s quiet, followed by a calm heart, thoughts are not so upset. Standing by the window and gawking at the setting sun, I once again reflected on the south of the Yangtze River in front of me. People in the small town are busy dressing up for the quiet days after the prosperity, but I seem so lonely and inexplicable to miss, multiplying from my heart to my eyes. At the moment, even if my heart is lonely again, I am lonely and helpless..     Looking for the sunset glow on the way home, I was in a hurry. I know that behind the curtain of heaven is the coming of night, and time is once again passing through my fingertips.. It is always so quiet, let a person disagree with the passage. Always came in a hurry, hurried away, leaving too many sighs, leaving people unknowingly in a daze, reading the passage of time, those old fragments, meditation once again in the desolation of loneliness, so deeply touched.     On the way to life, many people come and go, and in an instant they become passers – by.. In the past, the world of mortals met by fate, and when they left, there were many tears.. I have learned to cherish only a little bit of predestination in time, but I still can’t cherish it after all. Perhaps, heaven has already arranged the final outcome when I choose to meet at first sight. How do I stay if I want to go is to leave my world. I don’t need to stay if I want to stay, it will always be there..     In the emotional world, it is inevitable that a person’s heart sutra will be baptized by a mature age. The long time will be enough to teach a person how to love and cherish the person in front of him or her who does not know how to love him or her.. In fact; The only thing that can bear witness to the truth is the length of time, because; Some things that can’t be seen through will gradually be seen through with the passage of time. Some people do not understand the experience of personnel before they understand that things are not what they are, and the rest is nothing but paper and waste..     Life is spiritual practice, and spiritual practice is spiritual practice. After a long walk, you will always miss a section of scenery, meet some people, and then read some things. There is no lack of experience in growth. Maturity depends on experience. Sometimes, just like those who quietly break into their own world and disappear instantly, they leave behind a heart of nostalgia for the past, full of many memories. However, all the memories have become a period of past events after many years..     At sunset, the wind and smoke break the evening. This evening reminds me of a lot and also makes me want to open a lot. For this beautiful and changeable world at present, we all need to move forward in thinking and go through different journey after journey, remembering to forget it.. Everything is so, time is ruthless, what precipitated is to be forgotten, and what is forgotten is still being missed.. This long time has passed, changing and deducing the story, and getting old and old again and again..     Life is a very complicated lesson. Some contents need to be comprehended. Some contents need to be opened by oneself to read the true meaning of it and realize the warm and cold self – knowledge.. Time is a heart sutra, a heart sutra full of the past and the future. Many times, we don’t need to read it. This heart sutra is always silent in some corner of the heart, having seen all the prosperity and listened to all the music.     Again beautiful sunset, always to sunset, the wind and smoke off the evening, the stars ushered in the night. Such as how many things will show us what we don’t want to see after human beings are not. Time is an eternal theme. No matter how many things come and go, what can’t be changed will be reincarnated in a certain time and place. Qian Fan will still transit to Qiu Lai in the spring.. In the long journey, the story of life continues and continues, but the most helpless thing is the final ending, and writing the former dust is like rain..     Wen / Qingfeng Qingfeng Original: QQ / 3944025888