Come and go is a passer – by, up and down is life

In life, how much love is turned into hate, in life, how many past events are turned into empty space, years come and go, leaving farewell, greeting the arrival, in life, how much splendor is turned into decline, in feelings, how much commitment is turned into empty space, when love is gone, love is turned into ashes, wise people know to give up, true people know to give, happy people know to give up, life only lives once to know what the future will be wonderful, life will not promise you anything, especially not to promise you success, it will only give you the process of struggle, pain and suffering, so give yourself a dream and then move in that direction..     Long time, long life, life come and go are clear, the real thing is life, feelings come and go to be hazy, clear not true love, on the long road of life, come and go, life is a passer – by, come and go, life is normal, the road is coming out step by step, love is changing back bit by bit, life is turning over page by page, life is low – key, hard work is important, feelings hold fast, fate is important, life is safe, happiness is important, time slips away, significance is important, vicissitudes of life, friends are important, life is alive, contentment.     No one in life can be brilliant all the time, no one in life can be happy all the time, no one in life can be happy all the time, no one in life can be unhappy, no one in life can be miserable all the time, there are many people who know you, few people who say you, few people who help you, and few people who understand you, after all, are few and far between..     Time is wasted, time is passing, life is actually like this, but it must be accepted, and the road may turn back. Sometimes I always want to live a natural and unrestrained and happy life, but I can’t give up on the people or things around me. There are always too many helplessness and regrets in my life. In my life, pain and loneliness linger on, every good thing will have a day lost, every deep memory will have a day forgotten, and those who love again will also have a day gone away, and every beautiful dream will wake up one day, and I should never stop giving up..     The vast sea of people, the world of thousands, and the world of mortals, you will see people coming and going up and down, knowing a lot, having few friends, having many contacts and holding hands in the emotional world. if you are lucky, someone will accompany you through a period, if you are normal, leaving is normal. when this person wants to get off the bus, even if he doesn’t give up, he should be grateful and then wave goodbye, because maybe another person will accompany you farther next stop, please thank the person who hurt you, he has tempered your mind and thanked you for tripping over you..     Wind and rain life, all the way through, the wind also goes through rain and rain, sunny and rainy, always proud, always sad, who has no gain or loss in life, passing through wind and rain, passing through glory and humiliation, only to know that what is not abandoned is deep love, experiencing glory and decline, only to know that what is not changed is true love, and only after passing through some things can some people be truly seen, understand human feelings and warm and cold in times of trouble, understand the fate changing, time, precipitation of sincere feelings, wind and rain, experience of love worthy of cherishing, love without words, and actions can always be reflected..     The wrong way, remember to look back, love the wrong person, know to let go and accompany you through the hardship, know that those who have experienced hardships with you must remember the truth of life, trivial details, taste of life, bitter sweetness, life process, repetition, rhythm of life, busy life, melody of life, joy, joy, sorrow, mood of life, ups and downs, living, is actually a gesture, not disturbing one after another, because they know what to do, what to do, not be in a daze, life knows who I am, and life knows who I am, not cold..     Life is sentient, years heartless, emotional world, fate sky, feeling very good, getting along very hard, living together is life, leaving halfway is a passer – by, why come and go in mind, the east sun and the west rain, the Tao is ruthless and sentient, who has no disappointment in life, who has no momentary happiness, don’t say in the past, the future will do it sincerely, what is lost won’t come again, what is coming don’t be random, life is brilliant and not satisfied, starting a business is difficult, it is more difficult to keep an occupation, 30 years east, 30 years west, hitting sometimes, cherishing more, life is down and not giving up, life is hard to lead, life is encouraging..