father’s elder brother’s wife

After supper, people who had been busy all day quieted down and the children began to write their homework. The elderly women in the community began to be active and excited. They were lonely during the day and had no one to accompany them. Every day, they were repeating TV series, especially the’ goblins’ in their navel dresses, who actually came to the TV.?! Why not sing Huangmei Opera with some ” old guys”? It doesn’t matter if you don’t sing well, just entertain yourself and be happy. Age is a generation gap that can’t be crossed. Only when you are with a group of old friends can you have a common language. Besides, this is a group of old friends who share a common hobby. Everyone roared loudly together to release the old people’s enthusiasm for life. It’s a great pleasure for the old to have fun in the sunset..     Huangmei Opera is our local opera in Anhui and one of the five major operas. I also love Huangmei Opera, simple and smooth, lively and lyrical, with rich expressive force, but from 6: 00 to 9: 00 p.m., it was just a good time to learn to recharge and listen to the sound of more than 80 decibels coming out of the window, which was not easy to disturb. The child doing the homework said that my thinking was disrupted again! At this moment, I heard someone shouting at the sky outside: Singing Huangmei Opera, noisy, do you still want others to live?     Huang mei opera was sung by a group of Chinese aunts. In recent years, the ” Chinese Boyle” has gained a high exposure and started to become a familiar name to participate in the Wall Street Journal regulations and create the English word ” Boyle”. They are energetic and enthusiastic. It is said that these Boyles are the beauties of the previous generation who jumped in loyalty dance. They can turn every ordinary corner of their lives into a stage to show their elegant demeanour at every stage of their growth.. But they sang and danced in the square, causing long-term complaints from residents around them. Complainants on the Internet even say that it is not the old who are getting worse, but the bad who are getting older and are keen on making noise in public places, and they are still euphemistically called ” living magnanimously and smartly.”. Compared with the Chinese aunt, the Chinese uncle has a much lower-key connotation, mostly silent, even wooden, but he looks like a young leap soil when he grows up.. Is it because the Chinese aunt restricted the living space of the Chinese uncle? Our democratic freedom is low, personal demands are hard to guarantee, and energetic aunts, unwilling to be lonely, roar out personal needs with no longer sweet sounds and expand their own space, in fact, also occupy other people’s space and suppress others’ freedom..     I am also the age of ” Boyle”. Children often worry about asking, ” After I go to college, you won’t go to the park to sing Huangmei Opera, will you?”? ‘ no.   It is said that when Fu Lei hanged himself, he padded the bench with a quilt to prevent the overturned bench from affecting the downstairs. People of high quality left the world in this way without interfering with others, which is the basic quality of life..     Rong Zhi is thoughtful and stable in speech, and what he has achieved is elegance. We often say in groups that we should grow old gracefully and slowly.. Everyone has done it, and the quality of the nation has risen. There would be no bitch swearing, and public places would not be noisy. Writing here, it suddenly occurred to Lin Daiyu to make fun of Granny Liu for ” Mother Locusts” in the regulations on participation in a dream of red mansions.. This is about Jia Fu’s girl’s overall evaluation of Granny Liu. I think it is not despising the working people, but despising the behavior of pleasure without dignity.. I also think of the’ locust extermination’ parade held in Hong Kong for anti – mainland tourists.. Self – reflection, I put the Chinese aunt and’ locusts’ together.     Chinese aunts grew up jumping from loyalty dance. They are old and still energetic. They must have an outlet? It is suggested that they read classics, and then they will not be able to read amitabha Buddha more than make noise.. Some people say that when people get old, their state of mind is calm, their personal demands and desires are reduced, but Chinese aunts are increasingly flourishing in their positions. Father is proud to be able to play a wonderful erhu. He doesn’t need music, but as long as you can sing him. When chatting, he always said proudly and excitedly, ” In Dushu Park, many old people singing Huangmei Opera admire me for playing well.”! ‘ Every day at 1: 30 noon, I rush to Dushu Park on time. I said, ” People want lunch break.”. He said it was time to wake up during the lunch break. I said, ” You turn down the sound so that no one will complain.”. He said, ” If the voice is small, it will not be lively.”. Old people have fun. Who cares? ‘ speechless.     On the microblog, I saw that the ladies were disturbing the people with noise and were splashed with dung by the residents of high buildings. The ladies claimed that they would install sound insulation glass if they were too noisy.. The traditional virtues advocated by the Chinese nation, namely ” gentle, respectful and frugal”, public places are a window for the material conditions and spiritual civilization of the nation. What if everyone gives up one concession?? If there is more humane care in society, break down the energies of the elderly, such as volunteers in Hong Kong, and let them serve and time the institutions for the aged, then return or repay their services for the same time when they need to provide for the aged.. With the shrewd calculation of the aunts, they may agree.     The ladies were happy when they danced a square dance and yelled at Huangmei Opera, indicating that their happiness and satisfaction were very low.. Although the noise disturbs the people, the contest is big? Good neighbor Wang Gan Niang. They have been circling around the kitchen table for decades. Now their children are older, their wives are gone, they have no sense of belonging, and their education level is not high. The state should think more about the construction of cultural facilities for the elderly or the security of the pension system..     Young children thrive and old people enjoy the happy days. However, there are conflicts and conflicts over the issue of noise disturbing the people. Who is the responsibility?