Information on Floating Bottles

1′ dong’ and 1′ only’ bottles were thrown into the sea. But it was not long before it was pushed back to the sea by the waves. A barefoot girl picked it up when she saw it and looked at the boundless sea, wondering whether there would be another world at the end of the sea. So she thought of a way to write her address and the declaration of friendship on the paper and put it in the bottle, tightening the bottle with all her strength, holding the bottle with both hands, praying for a moment and putting it into the sea.. The sun is shining brightly like a yellow ribbon on the sea level, and there is a light flashing on the sea. If you go in and see it, you will find it is a floating bottle.. Gone with the wind and gone with the wind, ” bang”, it crashed into a ship, and it kept banging along with the action of the waves, then it did not know whether the waves stopped or whether it felt tired and wanted to stop and listen to the story in the ship.. The ship’s voice was very noisy. There was a lot of cheering and shouting. Maybe it was a party. Quietly listening to the pleasant voice of cheering, it is not’ drunk’. I don’t know how long after that, the boat seemed to start ” running”, the bottle was washed aside by the spray, the weather was also on the edge, the weather at sea was simply unreliable, it was just sunny, and now it is dark clouds covering the sky.. The voice of’ boom, boom’ kept ringing, thunder and lightning, the wind slapping the sea with rain, and the bottle began a new journey.. After the storm, a big fish with fierce appearance pursued a small fish. They were getting closer and closer to the bottle. The witty fish took the bottle as a cover, but the big fish did not fall for it, and swallowed the small fish with the bottle into the belly.. The big fish did not know where to swim. The dizzy bottle only knew that it was pulled by a net when it reappeared on the sea surface.. The fisherman couldn’t look at the bottle, picked it up and threw it hard again, like venting his discontent in a bitter day, so that the bottle can live a floating life again.. But such a day does not last long, ” hoo – hoo”, with such sounds coming from all around, wind and water spinning. This is a rare” sea dragon roll. ” Ah, the bottle was rolled into the air,” Cho”’ 1, hitting a seabird when it fell, and then dropping into the sea at a faster speed.. The bottle is also’ dizzy’ and has passed, floating in the sea like this. A powerful push from the sea brought the bottle to the beach. Will the trip be over? I was thinking about a ball shadow coming to cover it up, ” ding”, hit it, and it also had a day of being hit.. A little boy ran over to pick up the ball and found it, ” eh! ‘ There is something inside the bottle, opened the bottle curiously, read the small note in it, and the little boy decided to write a message and put it in the bottle again, then threw it away to his mother, but before he came, she rebuked him, threw the bottle hard and fell into the sea again, while the little boy was still feeling wronged and mumbling that he would never pick up such a thing again.. ‘ drift, drift, drift.. The bottle hit a sharp reef and appeared cracks, slowly seeping into the sea. The bottle was thinking of floating on the sea all the time and could finally travel to the bottom of the sea..