A birthday present for her daughter

May 26 is the 23rd birthday of my daughter. Time flies like water.. My daughter has grown up in a twinkling of an eye and got a job in the first year after graduating from college. Although the salary is not high, my daughter should be one of the lucky ones in the face of the cruel reality that college graduates are having difficulty finding a job. Dear daughter, don’t blame my father for forgetting your birthday, because there was a thunderstorm last night and my father handled the accident in the substation. Because of the lack of raincoats, my father braved the thunderstorm to check the equipment and came back to the main control room, he was soaked through and didn’t rest until 2: 00 in the morning..     Daughter, how did you get here in the past 23 years, do you know? If it weren’t for your mother, you wouldn’t have lived today. Your birthday would have been in October. Your mother conceived you to seven months ago because she was overworked and premature. You came to the world three months in advance. When you were born, your father was on the train from Shuicheng to Liuzhi. I didn’t even know whether he was a man or a woman. When I got off the train and arrived at the hospital, I already knew from your grandmother’s mouth that your mother was the daughter of old Yan Jiasheng. To be honest, I was a little unhappy at the time. I had been expecting you to be a boy from my heart.. You may enjoy your daughter’s happiness in the future. Your grandmother feels much happier having a granddaughter than having a grandson, not only because you are a daughter, but because you were born with only 3kg 7liang, thin skin and bones, wrinkled face and shiny black skin, you are a tiny old man. Grandma almost fainted when she saw your first eye. To tell the truth, I doubt if she was wrong. When I held you in my hand for the first time, it was like holding a big mouse and I felt uncomfortable. Her mother-in-law’s face is very ugly. I read it out of her face, because you are so ugly. I can’t understand why my children are so ugly?     In the days of taking care of your mother and daughter in the hospital, I learned some inside information from your mother and grandmother. Your mother has no appetite after she conceived you, but she has a special liking for black and green beef skins. She eats a few bowls at a time. It has no nutrition and it is not enough to raise you when she was born. This problem has troubled her father for a long time..     You were born with congenital asthma and had to go to the hospital for intravenous drip almost every week. Sometimes your mother kept cooling you with alcohol and ice cubes. She saw you flushed with fever and gasped for breath. Your mother and I both cried with love. In order to improve your immunity, your mother asked people to find many placentas, chop them into meat foam and rub them into round pieces for you to eat. Sometimes she also gave me food and asked what she ate. She said pork liver was the placenta after many years, afraid we would not eat it, so she said it was the placenta.. This shows your mother’s good intentions. You just grew up under the meticulous care of your mother bit by bit.     Kid, do you remember the situation when you learned to walk when you were 1 year old? You are very daring in the walker. once you dragged the walker downstairs while the door of the house was not strict. one of them accidentally rolled from the third floor to the second floor. when you were carried home, you no longer took the walker and did not dare to walk, so you learned to walk one year later than other children. mom and dad were worried about your future.. In order not to regret your future, mom taught you to sing and dance. dad taught you to recite the three-character sutra and Tang poetry and song lyrics. you also worked very hard to memorize large sections of the three-character sutra. starting at the age of 3, you were the backbone of the class, having activities on holidays, you had the most programs. dad once saw your grand performance on’ 61′ children’s day in the movie theater of coal mining factory, and performed very well, especially the situation of your solo and announcement still vividly in front of dad’s eyes…     Daughter, you are much luckier than your uncle’s son, Xiao Wei. You have learned from kindergarten to primary school, from primary school to middle school, and from university to work in so many caring schools. Your life seems to be smooth and you have not encountered too many setbacks. You should be grateful, especially to your mother, your grandparents, and your aunts and aunts. They give you no less love than your parents give you, and you can live in such a family, which is a blessing you have earned in the past life..     Daughter, today is your 23rd birthday. Mom and Dad know that one day you will find half of yourself and leave your parents to pursue your happy life.. Mom and dad’s only hope is that you can find a partner who knows both cold and hot all your life, and love each other and live together forever in the future life journey.. This is the gift Dad gave you on your 23rd birthday.