A trace of vermicelli hesitation

I remember an article saying that I attended the meeting so early and began to recall the regulations. When writing diary in the morning, I always think about it. Therefore, my cognition and record are also past deeds and speeches, although I constantly break through it, break through the thinking and emotions there, and end it at any time.. At 4: 00 p.m. yesterday, Kai Jun called to meet him about the evening, hoping to be Shi Jun’s three. At 5: 10, I went to pick up my son and received a phone call from Ting Jun to meet him at night. After 5: 30, Ming Jun also called to invite him. Ah, it’s just dumplings. Why don’t you separate them? I said to myself with a wry smile. Outside is still the breath of haze and sky, but I have heard the gentle steps that the Spring Festival will take.. Is there any news of snowflakes and plum blossoms?     Sure enough, all kinds of dumplings are going to clash. Ting Jun invited Shi Jun and his classmates. Kai Jun did not know the truth and heard that Shi Jun had an appointment and quit me and found another place to go. I had to tell the truth before I had friends and had already implemented it and quit Ming Jun.. Wash celery and pots and bowls for the family. Just when they called again, they went on foot. Only to find that Feige was there too. Long time no see, some excitement and a little craziness.. First of all, his mind is still clear, dealing with wine orders, which know, did not drink too much, feel just slightly drunk and get down, and get used to lying on the record. Did you have a dream? I don’t know: Did you dream of plum blossom? I don’t know..     In a fog, saying that he was sent home by flying elder brother, what did he say along the way? When we were snowing heavily, we gathered at another hotel on New Year’s Eve. When we spent the summer night, we gathered in the suburbs to drink madness for a long time. Anyway, after returning home, I vomited under the bed in the bathroom. My wife and children took me to one side in the bed. They managed to stay in their son’s bedroom for a night.. In the morning, I lowered my head and said I had a headache and drank fake wine? Trance, streets, restaurants, phone calls again after that, and so on, all disappeared quietly. What’s there” Where’s the wine tonight, Yang Liuan Xiaofeng’s waning moon? Just have a headache, just in the dim and faint memory, who else’s phone, turn on the phone, calculate the time, it was a phone call they did not trust, pleased but callous, it was their phone.     I have a bad headache. After sending my son to kindergarten, until now, no one knows how bad the headache is.. No one knows that the Spring Festival is coming, and I have prepared a new year’s gift and a return gift for my brother. No one knows, I still miss the wintersweet coming every year, the wintersweet as white as snow and yellow as jade.. I don’t know why, I’ve never seen wintersweet in the snow, almost no real merlin nor lush plum blossom, not to mention plum blossom in the snow.. I live in this world with such expectations, without extravagant expectations, afraid of the end of life, afraid that alcohol or unclean food will harm the body, or subtle chronic death.. So I always doubt whether the vermicelli bought by my family is adulterated. Think about it. A few small pills can seep into the blood and affect the heart. What about the big bowl of poisonous food and the intestines and stomach? Death is death, but there are their mother and son, my unfinished genius in Mei Xue, and my brother, my friends, how can they be content?     Is it my ideal or simple wish? I didn’t think of this before, the people in the unit joked and shouted earnestly at the entrance of the building. Who wants to buy vermicelli? Who pulled it from the mountains in western Henan, authentic vermicelli from their hometown? I shouted, and gave me fifty dollars! Everyone laughed. After the crowd dropped, I quietly walked over and, after looking at him, quietly walked over and said to the man, really, call me five bundles and share one point with friends and family..     In fact, the five bundles are unevenly distributed. No need to give it to his younger brother. His friends have already given a lot of gifts to get on and off the bus. Beijing is not without vermicelli.. So who will receive all five copies. At home, the wife should be satisfied with this quality, followed by Lei Jun and Ming Jun.? No, then Shi Jun, the old Lin Chong. He’s retired! Then came another close relative, who was also old. His kind heart was so narrow that he was cold to the world, but he still gave him some comfort.! Who will be given the next copy, flying elder brother or homework definition gentleman or my teacher and small hair? There are too few vermicelli to buy a car of vermicelli. It’s time for friends and family to laugh at the Spring Festival. There are people who are more related to me than seem to have anything to do with me. How many cars of vermicelli should there be??     Snowflakes swarmed, eyes were bright, my relatives.