Basket – weaving and spring scenery to see mom

Li Erzhu, a simple crop man in our village.   Li Shu is dark and strong. Years of farming have made his hands thick and full of calluses.   Every autumn, Li Shu always rides a bicycle to the market to buy shoes and wool. Wool is ordinary wool, thirty or forty yuan a roll of half wool.   By rights, why does a big man buy this thing?   But Li Shu is a bachelor and has an old mother.   Li Shu’s old mother collapsed ten years ago and is said to have caught the wind.   In order to take care of the old mother, Li Shu had to urinate in front of and behind her.   But what kind of life does it take to go on like this?? Li Shu still has more than a dozen acres of farmland to cultivate and spends more than 300 yuan a month buying medicine for his mother.   Clever Li Shu soon dug a hole in the old mother’s bed, and there was a bedpan under the hole. He managed to solve the problem reluctantly..   This crude method, when the weather is not too cold, can still cope with the past, but when the weather is cold, the old mother will be frozen very hard.   So Li Shu began to learn to knit wool to knit thick mats for his old mother.   At first, Li shuke was not less injured by the eye of the needle, so the blood trickled down Li shuke’s fingers. As a result, when working in agriculture, Li Shu shook hands with farm tools..   Middle – aged people of the same age urged Li Shu: ” Er Zhu, you can only spend one thousand yuan a month to send your old mother to a nursing home. Why do you suffer this crime? Fuck this heart.”. Li Shu smiled a simple and honest smile: ” nothing, nothing.”. How can I send my mother to that place? How can people in that place be more attentive than they serve. Year after year, day after day, annual rings crush Li Shu’s face and Li Shu thrusts his needle and thread in his hand.   Unconsciously, Li Shu also became a ” master” of knitting wool, and some women could not match him.   His knitting yarns are also various, from the original ones without patterns to those embroidered with insects, fish, birds and animals, as well as quadrilateral, triangular and round ones..   But as we all know, Li Shu’s sweater is still gray, the style is inconvenient, and wool is also the lowest grade of a roll of ten yuan..   Some people in our village often give Li Shu some wool every autumn to help him knit wool, and they usually give Li Shu money, but Li Shu insists on not doing so.   Li Shu said, ” Just leave me some wool.”. Today, on my way to school, I saw Li Shu again. he was sitting at the gate with his head down and knitting carefully.   I know what Li Shu is doing. He must be knitting a sweater for his mother, colorful and bright, like a basket of warm spring scenery, oh! No, this is clearly spring scenery, warm, it’s for mom.