Dad, you’ll be back in the morning

In the second half of last year, the unit rotated jobs, and I went down to the township police station and spent less time at home.. Every time he comes home, his son will come to ask his father to give him a hug and say,’ Wei Wei misses his father very much’. Then find out his comic book and toy building blocks.. Wei Wei, his son, is now almost 4 years old and is very cute and has a very big head.. Maybe it’s because of the police’s children. The little guy is stronger, braver and more independent than other peers. He won’t cry like other children when he goes to kindergarten for the first time. He never cried when he takes a vaccination in the hospital..     After the parents passed away, the burden of raising children fell on my wife and me. My wife teaches in a primary school in the county seat. Fortunately, she still has so many holidays every year, otherwise she will be very tired with her children.. Before last year, I worked in the county bureau command center and was responsible for handling major police situations and reporting intelligence information, often working night shifts and overtime. Sometimes I just agreed to play games with my son when I came home from work. When the station phone came, there was a warning and I had to go without saying anything.. It was not until late at night or the next day that I returned home with a whole body of fatigue.. One night when my son was two years old, our family was sleeping soundly, and a hurried bell woke the family up. My son saw me get up and dress, rubbing his eyes with his small hands and puzzled to ask,’ Dad get up, what are you doing? The wife knowingly coaxed her son to say,’ Dad is going to work. Go to bed quickly and fall asleep. Dad will be back in a few minutes.’ ”. On that occasion, after handling the matter in the unit, he didn’t return home until dawn and happened to catch up with his son to get up. The number of times is much, the time is long, and the son is used to it, but every time he goes out, he will ask’ dad, is it morning, and you will come back? ‘ in the second half of last year, the unit carried out job rotation. I went down to the township police station and had less time at home. Every time he comes home, his son will come to ask his father to give him a hug and say ” Wei Wei misses his father very much.”. Then find out his comic book and toy building blocks and ask me to accompany him in reading and playing games. Only then can I feel like a competent father.. In the evening, my wife changed her homework at home, and my father and son went to bed early. I told him stories repeatedly about children attending Sun Wukong’s sky-breaking regulations and Sima Guang’s cylinder smashing regulations. My son listened with relish.. On the day of rest at home, I occasionally get a call from the unit for an emergency recall, and then my son will stop pestering his father like a sensible young adult, saying,’ Dad, you will come back when dawn comes.”. Hearing his son’s sensible words, he could not say warmth and guilt in his heart.     My police station is a dozen kilometers away from the county seat and its economy is underdeveloped. Although it is close to home, at least half of the time is spent on duty in the unit every week.. The night in the country was exceptionally quiet and it was very pleasant to call my son when there was nothing in the unit.. When I got through to the phone, my son asked me the most,’ Dad, when will you be back? ”. Before hanging up the phone, the son habitually asked the sentence ” Dad, will you come back at dawn?”. Having received my affirmative answer, my son hung up the phone with satisfaction. At this moment, my heart felt guilty for this lie.     Son and father are also very much like other parents who accompany you every day to buy your favorite Ultraman toys, go for a walk in the square and play in the park together … Ah, son, you will understand that it is because there are thousands of ordinary police homes like father in Qian Qian, looking after everyone and guarding one side’s peace that family reunion and joy are exchanged..