Father and daughter two books ( 41 )

Dear dad: the national day has just ended, but at the end of this long holiday, I still say happy national day to you!     You called to tell me that the seven-day long vacation had to be on duty in the office and the vacation was cancelled. My daughter felt very sorry for you.. However, I climbed to the top of the five mountains enjoying the’ No.1 Mountain in the World’ for you during the holiday and really felt the lofty sentiments of’ once climbing to the top of the peek, one would see, the other mountains all appear dwarfs under the sky.’!     When my daughter went to Yantai to attend school last year, you told me that we should strive for a walk around Shandong on holidays, because Shandong is one of the birthplaces of ancient Chinese culture and the center of ancient culture, Taishan rises from here, the Yellow River flows into the sea from here, and Confucius is born from here. The land of Qilu has nurtured a splendid culture in the long process of development of historical civilization. My daughter has swum across’ Binhai Pearl’,’ Yantai’,’ Kite Hometown’,’ Weifanghe’,’ Wonderland’ Penglai, – On the occasion of the 11th National Day, I came to Taishan and’ Quancheng’ Jinan, which are famous all over the world.. – I am deeply grateful to my father for this!     It was already dusk when we arrived in Taian. We had dinner with our friends in a hurry, packed up the necessary articles for climbing the mountain and set foot on the trip to Taishan..     Many friends in the school have had the experience of climbing Mount Tai in the middle of the night. In order to seek excitement and process, watch the spectacular sunrise in the sea of clouds and make myself have a memorable memory, I also chose to climb the mountain at night..     Go to the foot of Mount Tai and look up at the towering mountain top. It’s beautiful to see visitors lighting up with flashlights and stars.!     Taishan at night, after the noise of the day, fell asleep quietly and there was silence everywhere.     The mountains are dark in the dark, and the wind is blowing loose waves. occasionally I hear the gurgling water in the valley and the ringing sound of sleepless birds, which makes me feel unspeakable peace..     At the beginning of the mountain climbing, it was easy and pleasant. Within two hours of fighting and talking with friends, the mountain climbed to the Mid – Tianmen Gate, looking back at the city of Thailand among the lights, the neon lights were shining like fairyland.? It’s a dream? As if he were in another world.     The next journey began to be more difficult, and our physical strength was gradually spent, especially when we reached Mount Tai’s most dangerous 18th set, the leg ache could not step up the steep steps. However, we did not take the cable car or bus, and spent four whole hours, from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, at an altitude of more than 1500 meters, one by one, tearing the darkness with headlights and making a difficult journey in the dark mountain road. We knew that there was light after the darkness.!     Finally arrived at the Southern Gate of Heaven at 12: 30 midnight and took to the Sky Street, just as legend has it, the stars close at hand made me exclaim and intoxicate me. It seems that I really got to the Gate of Heaven and went into wonderland.. – I really want to sing aloud, I really want to play the piano, I really want to play the drums!     Climbing Mount Tai, I broke through the three first times in my life: the first time I stayed up all night for four hours to climb the night mountain, the first time I stayed in a tent with a military coat on the top of the mountain at minus degrees Celsius, and the first time I stood on the top of the mountain at such a high altitude to watch the sunrise from the sea of clouds.. – When my daughter stood on the crowded viewing platform at 5 a.m. and looked at the sky red, waiting for the sunrise, I clearly understood that this trip to Mount Tai did not come in vain. The view of the sky is from the misty sky to the sky of Ziyun and then to the sky of sunrise. The whole world is illuminated when the sun jumps out of the sky. The mountain peaks are covered with dragon robes, and Mount Tai is more attractive under the newly-born sunlight.! This is indeed a sunrise for which my daughter marvels, a four-hour climb to the top of the mountain, in order to be a spectacle of this moment.!     Dad, one of my unexpected things about this trip to Taishan is to find that I have perseverance and endurance that I admire. Since I was young, I was a child who was afraid to endure hardship and did not have the stamina to persevere. I was afraid to exercise and liked to be lazy. I did not dare to take any interest in climbing the mountain.. But this time I gritted my teeth and set foot on the Five Mountains, conquering the world’s No.1 Mountain. Everything on Qilu is under my feet.! – What reason do I have to be afraid of overcoming more difficult things? Dad, you’re right!     The next day’s descent also came down step by step, with sweat and tears. I didn’t think you would take me, me, me and me back by text message when it was the most difficult time.!!!     For a long time, people have often evaluated the status of Qilu culture in Chinese traditional culture with ” one mountain, one water, one saint,” and ” one water” with ” Yellow River” and ” Jinan” with ” Spring”. Therefore, my daughter also went to Baotu Spring and Daming Lake in Jinan to feel the strong Shandong culture. I won’t elaborate with you here.. Now, ” one mountain, one water” has passed. I think the next goal is to go to Qufu, the hometown of Confucius, to feel the real Confucian flavor..     Well, the letter also wrote here, expecting a lot from Dad’s trip to Tsinghua University! Hey hey, you’d better come and see me, too!      Xian Er 2011 – 10 – 9