I was homesick, sitting in a chair, wiping my hair, and suddenly homesick. Although the May Day holiday has just passed, I was homesick. I may be a homesick bug, thinking that the green peanut field in my home is the life that makes it so green, and also thinking that the bird flying in the sky is free, it is a high-altitude painting, and I also want to see the slope forest in my home. It is not high, but it attracts me very much. The sunset calls it a leaf. How much I love it, and how much I love it..       Home’ In such a long time, have I had’ love affairs’ with my parents? They love me too much, but I am far away from them. They are always so beautiful in the sunset, and I am the leaf, which is their warm illumination. My small leaf is the soil under the root of the tree, but the tree can’t hold back the strong wind and heavy rain and let it wet the ground. I believe I will take good care of my’ soil’ one day when it rains and rains..       For a long time, although the time has only passed for more than ten days, I feel that I have been away from home for a long time. I miss my mother’s smiling face so much, she smiles so kindly, appealing and lovely. It seems that this smile was left a long time ago, when I was hungry and thought of her cooking noodles, I wanted noodles in the middle of the May Day holiday. I told my mother that I wanted noodles. My mother laughed and said, ” I want to eat noodles. I want to eat them for you now. Noodles are at home.”.       After dinner that evening, my mother will take care of my nephew who has just completed the month. I sat on the sofa with my father and watched TV. Our father and I have nothing to say, watching TV quietly. I feel different from my father. I feel it is a happy thing to watch TV with my father, because we all watch TV together. Although we didn’t speak, the’ feeling’ we watch TV is our communication..       I miss home because I want that feeling! Think of birds in the sky, green peanuts and the sunset mountains. What I want more is the love of my mother and the communication of my father.