Salmons 22 points Bucks easy ride away Hawks lost fiasco

  Ticker on April 25, the Bucks at home to 107-89 victory over the Eagles, to tie it at 1-2。   - John Salmons scored 22 points for the Bucks seven assists, Brandon – Jennings scored 13 points and five assists, Ba Mote 12 points and five rebounds, Jerry – Jerry Stackhouse 16 Minute。 Josh – Smith 7 points and 12 rebounds, including nine offensive rebounds。
  Hawks in the playoffs gleaned defeat fruit。 Joe – Johnson scored 25 points and six rebounds, Al – Horford 10 points, Zaza – Pachulia 14 points。
  After two straight sets, Bucks back home could not afford to lose。 After opening soon Jennings hit two three-pointers, and Salmons also shot twice succeeded, the Bucks to a wave of attacks 17-5 start, the momentum is pressing。
After the Eagles will narrow the gap slightly, but Jennings and Jerry Stackhouse hit third in succession, in this section there are 3 minutes and 24 seconds, the Bucks to 29-13 to expand the。 This section Bucks hit five three-pointers, while the Eagles failed to hit one after the first section, leading the Bucks to 36-19。   Section Bucks to maintain double-digit advantage。 This section there are 1 minutes 22 seconds, Thomas layup, Bucks lead to 52-35。 After they failed to score in this section, the Hawks scored four points, Williams-thirds vote after chasing the score to 40-52。
Bucks lose feeling in this section, long-distance, failed to hit a three-pointer, had 16 points single。
  Hawks in the third quarter began shortly narrow the gap to nine points, the Bucks did not dare to the effect, Delfino hit twice in third, the Bucks scored seven points, 61-45 widen the gap again。
After Stackhouse Salmons and also have third succeeded, Bucks in this section there are 2 minutes 17 seconds to 19 minutes ahead 74-55。
Eagles failed to score in the last 2 minutes of this section, after three to 57-78 behind。   The last one Bucks firmly in control of the situation。 Still in the game 5 minutes 49 seconds, Luke – Ridnour hit third, Bucks ahead 93-65。 Since the two teams quickly removed the main force, invincible at home Eagles finally tasted the taste of defeat。