365 days –

Time is like water, minutes and seconds, 365 days have passed, and another 365 days have passed in a hurry!     Throb, hope, dream, wish, gently ring the bell of the new year!   Time is wasted, but the heart is still as usual as fresh water.   Inadvertently, when people reach middle age, they are deeply shallow and suffer from gain and loss. When they look back, they have already broken away, fluttering all over the world, and have become patches of passing clouds – fragrant and bitter memories, curling totems and spreading! Mood quietly make public, soft as down, light dance mei around.   Some people, some things, some moves, were once so miserable that they wept and were so happy that they were intoxicated. In the flickering of time, they were moving away from one place to another, or they were moving away from one place to another, or they were like clouds rolling over the clouds, quietly without trace – the cold stars outside the window glistened.. Occasionally, the car flashed past.   Indoor, light warm, music flowing leisurely, tactfully subtle.   I, a little lonely, a little tired, don’t want to talk, don’t want to socialize, quietly drinking tea, mindless reading, bobbing listening to songs!   It was all because the light bulb flashed suddenly and then remembered that you were afraid that you had not rested because of the sudden rain – missing, remembering like a song, like a mottled old wall, and the evening sunset, which was short and fleeting.!   One flower, one world, one leaf, one spring and autumn.   Flowers bloom and flowers fade, which is still the natural law in the world. Who can do anything about it?   The passing scenery is full of flowers and snow, but who knows how to cherish or treasure it??     For me, happiness is simple.   Words are my only bosom friend in this life! No matter happy or sad, only she can sincerely listen to me and tell me melancholy.   When I was bored, I played with flowers and plants, pots and bottles with songs. I had a special liking for them.!   I like to stand quietly in the rain and weep heartily. After that, I bathe, wash and dress, still smiling and smiling like a flower.! Pack Bai, continue to disguise Bai! That’s what life is all about. The wind has passed, the rain has passed, the tears have been hated – and I like to travel alone, carefree and complacent. I like the innocent smile on the children’s lips. I like the serenity and elegance of violets!   Like tender feelings, flower petal profusion.   Love the lingering rain of the wind!   I like the real bone feeling more than the abundance of dreams!   Like – like a person’s world, there is a flying sky that only belongs to oneself, beautiful! Luxury!   On the pure land belonging to one’s own soul, one can cry and let the vicissitudes of life weave colorful wreaths with graceful lines of poetry to adorn the future Tianya Road..     At the moment 365 days have passed, I religiously picked up a fragrant memory, sealed up a delicate feeling, pulled up a secluded dream of ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings, chanted the wind and chanted the moon, and no one could guess the mind of the flower! No one will understand!   A true feeling, a romance, a touch.   If poetry has dreams, if song has rhyme!   365 days, 365 stories, maybe colorful, maybe ups and downs – maybe boring, maybe helpless, maybe helpless – maybe happy and painful – day after day, so tangled, pursuing, feeling – let nature take its course and fall into the silent four seasons to complete 365 days of moving stories in a twinkling, and to meet us will be another season of warm spring flowers!   Wait patiently, spring is the most beautiful fairy tale book in 365 days, decorated with the most romantic legend of life!-