A letter to her daughter

Bei, dear: Today is August 2. It’s your day to take part in Weispak’s math competition.. In the morning, a’ timely rain’ was just what you wanted. originally you didn’t want to ride your own bike to the exam. finally, god helped you. it rained to let mom drive you. In fact, my mother is very busy, even if she takes a public holiday these days, she thinks that she can relax when she doesn’t work, but when I plunge into the housework, she is still busy without any spare time.. Today, I got up at half past six to cook porridge for you. I called you up at seven to have breakfast with you. I hoped you would go to school by yourself. I’d hurry to buy vegetables, wash clothes, mop the floor and walk the dog when I get up early and cool … ah, do a lot of housework. But it’s raining. I can only send you first. God helped you get what you wanted. It’s just a busy mother. Ha ha.     Now that I have finished walking the dog, the vegetables have been bought and washed, the clothes are too late to wash and the floor too late to drag. I have to sit in front of the computer while taking advantage of the gap between chicken soup on the kitchen head. I have to hurry up and finish a difficult task secretly assigned to parents by the lamb teacher behind your backs as soon as possible. Lamb teacher is really a rare good teacher. He devotes himself to your consideration and tries to guide you to correct your attitude, study hard and improve your performance. It is a blessing that such a responsible and caring teacher can be met by us. We must cherish it, and we must repay the lamb teacher’s good intentions with such practical actions as ” Er Ya should study hard, mother should supervise and accompany Er Ya to study hard.”.     To tell the truth, my mother is very afraid of going to work, because the convenience services I am responsible for are too busy, too tired and too upset. I am very not easy to take a holiday at home now. I didn’t expect the days around my pots and pans and my daughter are also very busy and tiring. I don’t have free time to do what I like, which makes me afraid of doing housework again.. I wish I could throw away all the things I don’t like and just do what I like. That would be great. However, no matter how scared and annoying you may be, reality is reality. You still have to do what you should do, and you can’t escape it..     A person’s life is divided into several different stages, each of which has its own tasks and responsibilities. When you were a baby, your task was to drink milk and eat well and grow your body hard. When you are a kindergarten child, your task is to have fun games and grow up quickly and healthily. When you become a student, your task is to study hard and master scientific knowledge with your heart. When you graduate from work, your task is to apply what you have learned, work hard and repay the society. The task of adults like parents is not only to work hard and earn money, but also to bring up children under filial piety.. How I wish I would always be a baby and always be a child, as long as I eat and play, and I don’t have to do anything else, but it’s unrealistic, people will always grow up. Take you for example, you have now entered the famous Lida Middle School, studied very hard and performed very well, and the teachers also liked you so much that we all felt relieved and pleased.. This is a good start. Next, we will continue to study hard and strive for admission to Suzhou High School, a key high school.! Then, make persistent efforts to go to famous universities in Shanghai, Beijing and other places to further their studies and try to master a good professional skill! You can only find a good job if you learn something. What is ” good work”? A good job is a job with a beautiful office environment and a good salary, which is the kind of job that sounds enviable and envious.. If you have a good job, you will have a high income. If you have a high income, you will be able to do whatever you want, such as donating money to build a hope primary school to help poor children to attend school, such as traveling to increase knowledge, such as opening a pet shop to see a doctor for small animals or even doing beauty treatments, such as buying beautiful clothes to dress yourself, etc. In short, you can do whatever you want.. And when you can plan and arrange your life and career according to your wish, it proves that you have succeeded.     The future is beautiful and good, and the wishes are many and wonderful. However, the beautiful future can not be realized out of thin air. We need to work hard from now on.. When the book comes to use, we hate less. Junior high school and senior high school are the most critical basic periods. We must control ourselves well. When we should study, we should sink our hearts and study earnestly, do exercises, review old knowledge, preview new courses, and make great achievements..     Accidentally, the relaxed and happy summer vacation has passed by more than half. For more than a month now, our adults have gone out to work every day, leaving you to write your own homework and read your own books at home. On the whole, you are very sensible. Don’t ask your parents much, and manage yourself well.. But after all, you are still young, and occasionally you will still be lazy and need me to urge you from time to time, and even occasionally you will say two sentences severely.. I know that love to play is a child’s nature ( in fact, adults also love to play ), and it is also normal for children to have fun. After all, playing is fun and learning is boring and tiring.. But please don’t forget, you are a student now. The student’s task is to study hard. Just as mother is an adult, the adult’s task is not only to work seriously, but also to go home and do a lot of exhausting housework and discipline their own children. Things are much better and more tired than you do.! However, can I say,’ I don’t want to go to work, I don’t want to do housework, I don’t want to raise children’? cannot! Because these are my responsibilities as an adult and as a mother, even if I am really tired and scared, I must do it well.! Tired, take a break for a while, and when you have finished, continue to do it. You can never be lazy.. Therefore, as a student, you can’t be afraid of hardship, and you should also study hard.     The teacher wants us to ” learn, play and exercise” during the summer vacation. In fact, we should do this ” three meetings” no matter when and where, whether students or adults..     Everyone can learn, but if they master the learning skills, they can improve their learning efficiency and spend the same amount of time, ” people who can learn” can do more things and learn more knowledge than people who can’t learn, so they can save more free time to do what they like.. So the person with good grades seems to be playing all day and never seeing him cram for books. In fact, he has already mastered the good methods of learning ( such as previewing before class, listening attentively in class, warming up after class and doing exercises seriously, asking teachers if he has any problems, etc. ). You can also consider well in this respect. Come on, your little head is so smart that we believe you can do it.!     ‘ Will play” What do you mean? Is to want you to play on the premise of completing your homework, everyone likes to play, but you must have’ nothing to do’ before you can have fun. The popular saying at present is’ either travel, or study, body and soul, there will always be one on the road’. It is very good. In fact, every trip is a good opportunity to learn at the same time.. This time you went to Xi ‘an and learned a lot of knowledge and saw a lot of new things that you have never seen before, which makes your mother who has never been to Xi ‘an envious.. ‘ Go thousands of miles and read thousands of books”, only when people” go far” can they” see more”,’ see more” can they” know more”, so your mother has always supported you on your trip.. Recently, we climbed Mount Huangshan together with the mountaineering team. You are one of the few’ elite’ members of our team who hiked up the mountain. Great! At an early age, you can ” go” to Mount Huangshan. It’s really awesome! Everyone gave you a thumbs-up sign. On weekdays, you are already a little talented woman of our mountaineering team!Auntie Zizhu has always been bullish on you. She praised you for writing articles and for being as flexible as a little monkey. She praised you for being a healthy, sunny, energetic and smart child.! We believe that you must be confident in learning yourself, and you must be able to learn well.!     After all, ” learning, playing and exercising” is an organic combination of the three. For example, in the process of climbing the mountain, you not only appreciated the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, but also exercised your own body. At the same time, you are also carefully learning from your aunts Zizhu and Lei Lei to learn how to do things better and treat people politely. These are just as important things that need us to study hard as reading.. As a matter of fact, ” Three People Must Have My Teacher”. As long as you have a studious heart and a pair of eyes that are good at finding out, you can learn a lot of useful knowledge anytime, anywhere, no matter what you do.. When my mother was a child, but she did not have such a good condition, where did she have the opportunity to come into contact with so many outstanding people? So, mom is not very sensible until now, and she still needs to learn from the people around her.. However, mother is willing to work hard, mother is willing to study hard with you from the people around her, and mother also wants to learn from you, learning your agile thinking ability and flexible hands-on ability, as well as your particularly strong acceptance ability.. I hope that both our mother and daughter can ” study hard and make progress every day” and get something from it.! Wait until next summer vacation, we will come to see each other again. What have we learned from each other in the past year! Is it all right?? It’s a deal!     Kiss you!     I love your mother most: Shanlan, August 2, 2012