Approaching the island

On the east bank of Taihu Lake, near Zhenhu Lake, there are two sister islands, called Da Gong Shan and Xiao Gong Shan. Besides Dongting Biluochun, Suzhou’s famous tea is also called’ Gongshan Tea’, which is produced on these two islands. Elder sister’s high school classmates Qin Zhen and xing min couple raised crabs on xiaogong mountain. the crabs drank clean water from Taihu lake and ate algae from Taihu lake. the meat was quite delicious and tender.       In the cool autumn season, it is most suitable for the family to travel. On Sunday, we ” Zhang” and ” Three Sisters” accompanied Mom and Dad to Zhenhu, staggered into the tin boat of Xingmin’s house, lifted the bamboo pole, propped up the boat and headed for Gongshan Island in Taihu Lake.. The warm sunshine, without a trace of wind, is as flat as a mirror on the surface of the water, reflecting the excited faces. In the clear water, you can see the shadow of the little fish wandering among the aquatic plants. A white water bird dances alone in the clear water and blue sky, fluttering its wings and gliding leisurely, which makes people yearn for freedom and freedom.. After the stern, the sound of water spouted and the white waves rolled up, causing herringbone waves to stretch into the distance.. In front of the water-sky junction, two small islands rippling hand in hand in the water, as if two beautiful girls were dancing happily to welcome guests..       Up the wooden springboard, finally one foot on the island. From a distance, he heard the barking of ” Wang Wang” dog, which is a dog that has been kept frequently and delicately. He has already sensed some movement and is shouting loudly to welcome us. Walking on the bank of a pond full of weeds, people were submerged in an instant. Through the crevices of the grass, I saw the clear crab pool at a glance. Under the clear water, there was a big crab that made me salivate.! On the side of the road, unknown wild flowers are enchanting and colorful in the sun, attracting me to put down my belongings and take out a camera to shoot them at a distance. The people in front of me are far away from me and quickly catch up with me and walk towards the humble home of Qin Zhen’s family over there in the pond.. On the trail, big roosters and old hens were pacing and foraging, looking healthy and energetic, fat and strong, making people look greedy. Finally, I came to the shack in front of the curved ground, and on the uneven ground made of cement blocks, four benches surrounded a square table, filled with two bowls of old hen soup, and a faint scent crept into people’s nostrils from the soup noodles with butter. I couldn’t help but stretch out my hand to pick up a piece of chicken leg and send it to my mouth. Oh, it’s delicious.! Deeply intoxicated with it, ignoring mother’s reproachful eyes. Ha ha, in Qin Zhen’s home, we are so free.       Steamed small white strips were served, braise in soy sauce wild white fish also came out of the pot, as well as brine lake shrimp and big crabs … ah, the rare good things at ordinary times were all gathered together in the market today. the old man and the child, together with the greedy me and the second sister, began to eat around the table, but the chopsticks left us with a few cooked dishes in the cold.. In addition to the table gluttonous we, the rest of the people are busy each other. DaJieFu three net fish on the grass at the door, the disobedient big silver carp shook its head and cocked its tail, making him hurry – scurry, the fish scales splashed on his forehead, the fish head was washed away, and the fins on the gills were still shaking.. Qin Zhen was busy adding firewood and burning fire under the stove. Xing Min stir-fried fried fried fried shrimps on the stove. Elder sister was helping to lay hands on him.. The only soldier in our house who is running fast is still like a naughty boy. He strolled to the bank of the pond to turn over the grass and catch crabs, as if he had returned to his happy childhood..       The fish head and bean curd pot were brought, the fried shrimp were also brought, the wine and drinks were all opened, and everyone was ready to start eating formally.. The cabin was really simple, there were too many visitors, the small table could not be crowded, and the chopsticks were not enough, so we quickly cleaned up the piles of shrimp and crab shells and fish bones that had been piled high in front of everyone, took the initiative to shift positions and held the shrimp bowl to lift crabs and sit on the small bench to continue fighting. So, we all three, two people share a bowl to eat together. So Xingmin picked up the scissors and ran to the nearby area to cut small bamboo shoots and reed poles, making them’ green chopsticks’ that everyone scrambled for.. The liveliness of the cabin attracted the help of chickens and dogs. When we sat eating meat and spitting shells, the chickens ” luo . ah luo .” flew around to grab food from the ground, and the dogs were chained to the corner of the room, struggling with excitement ” wang wang wang” and trying to join the battle. The daughter picked out the chicken bones and threw them away. It stopped barking, bowed its heads and ate them, looked up and shouted, ha ha! Super sensible dog.       At present, the chickens with smooth hair and water have aroused everyone’s interest.. Batman soldiers said they would catch one and go back. Xingmin confidently said,’ As long as you can catch it, just take it and walk away’. These chickens, who are accustomed to being free and loose, do not need to be fed by their owners for their own food during the day and do not listen to their owners’ cries at night. They are not the ” grass chickens” as people think, and have completely become ” pheasants” in the mountains. Even the eggs laid by the hens cannot be found.. Qin Zhen once tried hard to find a nest or two of eggs, but also deteriorated after being exposed to the sun and rain. He will not go to find them again.. Last year, when Qin Zhen was busy at the edge of the pond, he heard the cries of ” chirp” in the grass and ran over to have a look, huh! It turned out that a hen hatched a nest of chickens and was taking the children out to feed! Now, these chickens have grown into’ medium’ chickens weighing three or four catties and are eating together among the chickens. Ha ha, it’s so delightful.!       In the afternoon, when the autumn sun was slightly tilted to the west, we followed behind Xingmin and Yulan’s father and daughter and cheerfully went up the hill to buy purple sweet potatoes.. In addition to producing the famous Gongshan tea, the purple potato is also very popular with the city people.. Walking along the winding path halfway up the mountain, the batman soldier finally had a chance to catch the chicken with his own hands, and he saw that he had a chance to pounce on a beautiful big cock, big cock, giggle, screaming and galloping away. the batman soldier only left a thick black tail feather in his hand, which made people laugh, and his daughter cried out for it. the black feather changed into many colors of red, green, blue and purple in the sun, which is very beautiful..       Unexpectedly, the mountainside of the island is a piece of open land, just like the fertile land on land. Some fields have just been harvested and have been leveled again and are waiting to be sown. Some are full of patches of corn, and in the green gauze tent, the corn cob has already started to swell and spit. Then I went to the northernmost point, and came to the purple sweet potato fields in the ridges. A pair of old couples of Changxing nationality who are familiar to the people are making sweet potatoes.. Just over the fresh mud, the big potato, the middle potato and the small potato have all been picked into sacks, and there are still many roots and whiskers on the ridges, with some extra-small potatoes with thick fingers sticking to them.. ‘ Wow! Small potato, I want it! My daughter’s eyes staring at the ground began to shine! With the consent of the old couple, I asked for a small bag. My daughter and I picked out the sweet potato together. In fact, there are stems in such fine yams, which may not taste good and may not be liked by her daughter. However, she has never experienced such a scene and can pick up these super cute yams for free. What a happy thing it is! Gradually, we were also infected by the joy of our daughter’s heart. We carefully swept all the roots of the ground and raised the heights in the small bags.. Unable to resist temptation, I asked the batman soldiers to buy a whole bag of purple sweet potatoes, together with a small bag we found, and let the old man get on the boat when he arrived with a tricycle..The old couple were overjoyed and offered me five yuan cheaper, and also asked me to introduce more business in the future..       Following behind the children’s buttocks, we were humming a little song as we walked along the way, still holding the roots in our hands and swinging the sweet potato in circles.. Batman soldiers walked behind me and couldn’t understand very well what to do with such a large sack of taro when it was transported back to the country, so that the year of the monkey and the month of the horse could be digested.? I secretly smiled while covering my mouth. I just ignored him and had a plan in my heart. I want to bring back these green and pollution-free good things and distribute them to my good friends so that everyone can share the joy of the island together.!       October 17, 2010[ Responsible Editor: Yi Er ]