Autumn Whispers ( 1 ) )

I subconsciously think that this year’s leap September is the annual year, and this year’s autumn should be very hot, and the phenomenon of’ autumn tiger’ is more obvious..     I don’t know if the world is ever changing. The Yellow Calendar hasn’t turned beginning of autumn Day yet, but due to the influence of coastal typhoon Sulawi, the mountain city’s temperature has dropped sharply, making the mountain city people feel that this autumn has come too soon, even in the late autumn.. At that time, people frantically turned over boxes and turned over cabinets to pick out thick clothes. On the way to work, I often see young epigenetic riding batteries and motorcycles, shrinking their heads like thieves.. A few days later, I really tore off the ” beginning of autumn” calendar and threw it into the trash can, but the sky became cloudy and cloudy, cold and hot, like the heart of an elusive little woman..     In the unpredictable season, the small mountain city seems to be back to the same as in previous years – the farmers are busy with autumn harvest and planting. Whether students are new students or old ones, those who should go to school also go on their own journey in the sound of teacher’s dinner, friend’s dinner and relatives’ blessing. Shopkeepers are busy selling all kinds of seasonal goods, and their shouts are incessant. The most busy ones were the fruit stalls that bought and reselled the fruits, and the shouting was called ” a mountain city”. Whether it’s in the street or in a small alley frequented by idle people, the sound always makes your eardrum vibrate’ bursts’ when you pass by, making you pull your mind’s eye straight and make your brain go crazy – what are you selling there? When you don’t listen to the changing steps, you find that there are selling ten yuan and four catties of peaches.. Ten yuan and three catties of orange. Huaiyuan pomegranate with ten yuan and three yuan. The pre-recorded mandarin tape with a strong local flavor was amplified through a loudspeaker, its tone was like a ballad, and its scene was like a reappearance of the 60 – generation peddler’s luggage..     In this unpredictable season, the small town has more scenic spots than ever before, which reminds you of when the small town started Taijiquan exercise.? But also the wind and water. In the morning mist, under the flickering night lights, you can always see the shadows of the middle-aged and old people and young people dressed in various colors of tai chi suit, and elegant Taijiquan, which makes your heart feel soft, calm and comfortable..     It is often said that the sky in June is like the face of a monkey, but it is seldom heard that the sky in September is like the face of a monkey.. But I have to get this year’s autumn image – monkey’s face, said change will change. After the Mid – Autumn Festival, the sky immediately turned 180 degrees, sweeping the previous chill completely out of the cloud nine. Seems to be back as usual – autumn tiger. Fortunately, this year’s autumn tiger is not afraid of its power, which seems to be heaven’s intention to be beautiful. The tiger’s temper was strong for a day or two, and Lei Gong Yu Po always appeared together in a tiger show.. Under the repeated appearance of Lei Gong Yu Po, Hu Wei’s arrogance will naturally weaken..     After the fiery mountain city was visited by Leigong Yupo, the air felt fresh and the surrounding mountains looked more beautiful. At this time, you will feel that this autumn is still too short, and its scenery seems to intoxicate me or desire to keep it.!     Although the blossom of the golden laurel is still in the process of moistening and breeding, I am not disappointed, because I smell the tea, which is the fragrance that emanates from the vast fields after the new rain.. I think it is the essence of nature’s gift to us! Every time I smell it, I have a different sense of smell, which makes me want to keep it!     Looking at the mountain city that has just been cleaned by a new rain, my heart has started criticizing the surrounding mountain color, which is more clear and mottled, but I have not found out how to interpret it in my life.! At the thought of this, the bottom of my heart is thinking about the leaves all over the mountain, and the sad appearance of returning to the leaves is in front of me.!     In the distance, on the other side of the mountain, thunder sounded, and I didn’t feel any rain coming suddenly, because in my heart there was a consistent belief that good rain is known as season!     Autumn is still continuing.. Xiao Mei wrote it at the TWELVE table in September 2014