Companion with text

The world is busy again, and the grand scene will have its past. I am happy to be with words when I am alone..     I don’t like noisy scenes very much. When I am alone, some words pop up in my mind from time to time.. Last winter, I listened to a lecture given by a university professor to the effect that life should have something to bear, and this life may be more meaningful or interesting. I think there is some truth in this statement..     I have to admit that when I started writing articles, I was really very utilitarian.. Every time I write an article, I always hope to publish it, but I often wait for disappointment. Although it was no longer the time to respect words, I still have such a wish..     I am not very talented in writing, and I often suffer from writing when I was studying in school. When I was a child, my mother gave me some guidance.. When I was in junior high school, I still felt it was a hard job to write a composition, and even later a composition was commented on in the class without naming it as a negative example by the teacher. I was so ashamed that I really wanted to go underground in the classroom.. I was good at mathematics and chemistry at that time. I often thought of several ways to do a problem, but I really didn’t expect to learn Chinese later..     By chance, my sister from college brought back a bill on college Chinese, which made me very interested in writing. Among them, the sentence of’ I was past, willows and willows are coming’ contains sadness like light smoke, Cao Mengde’s’ moon stars are rare, black magpie flies south’ has some heroism in sadness, and Lu Fangweng’s participation in the hairpin phoenix regulations often makes me brood and sigh, ” mermen weep their pearly tears down a moon-green sea””’ the spring-heart of Emperor Wang is crying in a cuckoo”’ reveals sadness that almost makes me cry,” flowers drift away from the water ” makes me seem to see the poet standing alone at the water’s edge when he is old and weak, suddenly not far away as if Lin Daiyu is at the water’s edge again.. At that time, no one asked me to recite it. At that time, it was entirely due to my love, and it was naturally remembered in the imperceptible process..     Later, due to the need of work, he taught himself Chinese language and literature specialty and undergraduate course, during which he systematically learned about writing. Especially after reciting many books, many books about 100 pages are almost from the beginning to the end, although not every word is missing, they are definitely close to the end.. Many of them are literary theories, but they also recite many good articles.     What impressed me most was Prince Liang Xiao Tong’s draft of the eighteen ancient poems. During the first contact, the sadness and sadness in the words always lingered in my mind.. I even rolled up my books and tasted them for a long time. At that time, I was still in the mountains and often went over mountains with a book. When I read ” What bright moon is bright, according to my hanging petticoats”, I sometimes gaze thoughtfully and sometimes face upwards and shake my head. ”. I seem to see a person walking alone in the moonlight like a pear flower. Suddenly, another picture unfolds slowly in my mind – the moonlight is clever and elegant, shining through the window on the lonely moonlit humans.. The sentence ” Hu Ma follows the north wind and crosses the south branch of the Bird’s Nest” seems to have let me come out of sadness and also learned the power of loyalty from it..     . Ah, I’m afraid of telling you my most true words / I’m afraid you should laugh / so I walked past you with my head up firmly / when you walked away / I looked back / just looked back at the place where you once stood, . This is Tagore’s poem. Although I know it may be quite different from the original, I still can remember a general meaning after more than 20 years.. I wanted to find out the exact translation on the Internet, but for the sake of truth, I kept the original appearance of my memory as much as possible at this time.. I think this poem is really written too well. It seems to be written for me. This is my own portrayal.. I didn’t expect anyone to follow the same path as his own soul, although I didn’t quite know the profound meaning of what was hidden in the poem at that time..     I don’t like reading long articles or reading extensively, which takes too much time and energy, but I must chew and ponder over the delicate sketches I like very much, especially the classical poems, and try my best to leave as deep an impression in my mind as possible..     Because of this reading experience, some words have accumulated in the bottom of my heart, and words also have some fate, so I picked up a pen and wrote something off and on after work.. Not only amuse oneself, but also show one’s own students. It is also a combination of work and entertainment..     Now I think of writing as an indispensable part of my life, just like playing mahjong and fighting landlords, which are popular nowadays, sometimes I am not used to writing.. Of course, I don’t think it’s any different from others, or much more elegant than others. Radish and cabbage have their own love, that’s all. As for the issue of non – publication, it is no longer too much attention, and it becomes happy to write it.     I’ve never signed a button. One day, I suddenly thought of a word: Writing for my heart immediately felt that it represented my heart sound and used it. After a period of time, it was too long to think twice and decided to change it to ” enjoy writing”. Although I have not reached that level yet, I think at least I can still yearn for it, so I haven’t made any changes until now..     Calm down and think about it. It’s also good to be with words when you have nothing to do.. In his spare time, or sitting in a quiet mountain forest, his heart flowed out of his mind in the chirping of birds. Or stand on the side of the current and place your heart on soft soft waves. When spring comes, I will just look at the flowers of that tree. When the cloud sells rain, my heart stops in the clear rainbow on the horizon … All of these will be recorded in our mobile phone between inches through the fingertips..     I work very busy at ordinary times, except for summer and winter holidays, I rarely write a complete article in a short period of time, often taking out my mobile phone and smearing a few pens at random when I feel it. Because of this, I suddenly thought one day that I would not panic if the elevator I took suddenly broke down and was trapped in the elevator for more than ten hours.. As long as I have a fully powered mobile phone, I can write my own words at ease. When I talked about this to a friend of Wen, she just smiled and said, ” You have something to do anyway.”! Words add peace and peace to my life, soothe my restless heart and avoid emptiness and boredom.     Because of this, I am happy to be with words.