deeply attached to each other

Write down these words, the in the mind really some staggered together can’t distinguish one by one. When my wife and I moved back and forth between my hometown and the city, they were like swallows rushing back and forth. Such a taste fluctuated in the hearts of my parents. It was only a long time ago that I became accustomed to it.. Now my daughter is a swallow flying alone when she goes to school thousands of miles away. what we didn’t care about or even ignore at the beginning is the thoughts and emotions surging in our parents’ hearts. now, in our hearts, the same ups and downs make us feel a lot more difficult to express..     On the 5th, my daughter and a group of classmates went to Qingdao to see the sea. For the children growing up in the mountains, probably, the sea has incomparable charm in their hearts. I didn’t know, and she didn’t tell us, until her mobile phone was stolen in Qingdao, she left a message on the button, could not say the grievance, and found out when her wife went online, she didn’t know about their trip to Qingdao. At that time, my heart was very angry and there were many words of blame. On the 5th I was still on the phone with you. Why don’t you say a word, this child! Although I entered the university, it seems to be big, in fact, I have no social experience at all. How can I’ do whatever I want’ in such a short holiday? There are many people, many cars and many hidden dangers during the holidays, and it is not possible to ask for opinions in advance to let people know how good they are going. But it’s no use crying over spilt milk. What can we do? After all, thousands of miles away, we can’t reach it, and we can only do it..     Fortunately, their trip to Qingdao was not long. They went to Qingdao the day before and returned the next day. Back to school, my daughter chatted with me and reported her life’s peace. I said that I was really angry this time, not because I went out to play and spent some money. My daughter knew what I said and said she would never dare to do it again. After I said a few words, I didn’t take a reason again. Later, I heard my wife say that my daughter was very upset..     Arguably, when the child is older, she should have her own space and freedom at her disposal. In my opinion, this is only one aspect; It is not impossible to enjoy life properly and broaden your horizon, but you must let your family know where you are, otherwise, there will be many tangled things.. I’m not the kind of parents who hold their children in their palms and dare not let go, but I hope they have more self-reliance ability. However, after all, they are young, lack experience and experience, and do everything, let us know that it may not be a good thing to give proper advice, as long as it is right and valuable, even if there will be risks and challenges, it will only be good to try. On the contrary, some things can be told from an adult’s point of view what she should notice and what ability she should have before she can think about it. Otherwise, she might as well give up and not do it. In this way, you can at least avoid many detours and realize your dream without hitting the south wall. About, this is also what books call indirect experience; The complexity of life and the changes in the world are far from what a young man can see through at a glance. More advice or more reference opinions will only be beneficial. Therefore, I have warned time and again that it will only be of great benefit to be a person and to do things when he has his own opinion and to properly synthesize other people’s suggestions, which is far better than thinking and speculating by one person..     On Mother’s Day, my daughter sent two express deliveries from Shandong, one was a massage machine, and the other was some small gifts she bought for us while traveling in Qingdao, including the second volume of the series of Caigentan Regulations for her sister. My daughter said on the phone that several students bought massage machines and sent them home. She remembered that my mother’s hands were often numb and I was always sitting in front of the computer, and my neck and shoulders were always uncomfortable, so it was just for use. The other ones, she didn’t say, probably, are well – intentioned, thinking that we are thousands of miles away and feel a girl’s inner softness and careful thinking.     I told my wife, it seems that the girl is really big. After this annoyance, the in the mind is more mixed with each other, and the taste of time mingled in my parents’ mind many years ago.. I said, I am not the kind of parents who want to bind their children around and loathe to give up their children to travel all over the world. I am just a blood family flowing in their hearts, and I can’t let go of many cares. This kind of mood, naturally, probably, is the same for every parent who is already middle-aged and whose child is getting older..     There is a word for flying dreams. Since it is flying, it is possible to leave thousands of miles, and it is possible to miss deeply and care deeply, but this is only the inner hook that can not be missing in the process of flying. This deposition and watch is for a higher and bluer sky. Yan Yan Yu Fei, probably, this is also a life-long chase, a pair of wings, a long road, full of feelings, will always be the story of this life and will not be silent.