Dreams fly from here ( to prose online )

I have been fond of literature for many years. From the initial understanding of words to the later reading of various literary works, I have been wandering for a long time & bull. & Bulls; & Bulls; & Bulls; & Bulls; & Bulls; However, I first fell in love with literature because I learned martial arts.     Grandpa left home when he was a teenager. He learned art from his teacher and eventually got a good fist stick..     My father is also a martial arts lover. Under grandpa’s precept and example, my father practiced martial arts from an early age and did his best to learn all of grandpa’s martial arts.. When he was in high school in the town middle school, he was already the captain of the martial arts team in the school.. As soon as I graduated from high school, I was recruited as a PE teacher by the school as an exception..     When I was a child, our hospital was a big miscellaneous hospital, inhabited by seven or eight families, and it was very lively in itself. Plus, the Wushu team members practiced in the courtyard every morning and evening. The courtyard was simply noisy..     Looking at the same age of small partners excited and yearning around the players’ practice field, I am not as enthusiastic as they are, more often sitting on the steps under the eaves, silently watching, as if everything in sight has nothing to do with myself. Aunt Chun Er, who studied in the same college as a teacher, said I was like a’ thinker’, focused and deep, while Baoge in the martial arts team said I was more like a poet, melancholy and sensitive.. However, I didn’t understand what they said at that time, but whenever this time, I always felt my father’s discontented eyes coming coldly from the top of my partner’s head, leaving me at a loss as to what to do..     After I went to primary school, my father, under the supervision of my grandfather, began to teach me martial arts. Maybe before that, he was too busy to care about me, and I was not very interested in martial arts, although I was in it every day..     My father probably felt that he should cultivate me well. Every day, at dawn, he went out to do morning exercises at school, then ran home, lifted me from my bed and began hard training..     Running, swinging arms while running, swinging left and then right, swinging front and then back, and finally swinging both arms back and forth, all the way to the riverside.. leg press, lower back, handstand, crouch horse step, a trip down, no matter how cold the morning, also hot I thirsty, panting.     Martial arts training is a drudgery, monotonous and boring basic skills, coupled with physical torture, destroying my interest bit by bit. I don’t know how long I can stick to it. However, there are many times when I secretly glance at my black-faced father and feel a tingle all over my body, helplessly holding the tears and continuing to stick to it..     In the third grade, I knew many words and became interested in my father’s book. I just look at the illustrations of professional books such as qigong and sports, but I can’t help but love a magazine that participates in Wulin regulations.. I can’t get tired of reading every issue of ” Xiao Hai Xue Wu Ji” in Wulin Regulations, and I have to read the last few pages of serial martial arts novels.. Liang Yusheng’s participation in the ” Seven Swords Under the Tianshan Mountains” Bill by the Jianghu’s Three Women, Jin Yong’s participation in the ” Legend of Heroes in Shooting Eagles” Regulations and Gu Long’s participation in the ” Affectionate Swordsman” Regulations have affected my primary school to junior high school for several years, which I did not expect in advance..     Father saw that I was fascinated by the martial arts regulations and thought I would love martial arts as well. He brought back every subscription to the martial arts regulations from the school dormitory for me to enjoy ( he had not lived at home for several years at that time ). I adore the heroes in martial arts novels, and I also saw the hottest martial arts films such as Shaolin Temple’s ” North – South Shaolin Regulations” when the town was playing outdoor movies, which made me like martial arts a little, because I also dreamed of becoming a knight-errant with high martial arts, like many teenagers..     However, dream and reality are very different from each other in many times, still repeating the fixed basic posture every day, but my father didn’t mean to teach me a few moves to quit learning at all.. After being depressed, I was a little disappointed and thought: I don’t know if I can practice the martial arts of climbing the eaves and climbing the wall in the year of the ox and the month of the horse in this way.. Otherwise, go to Shaolin Temple! A partner reminded me, yes! Shaolin monk kung fu that’s great. As a result, a few teenagers with a boiling passion went out of town and crossed the river, but they did not know where to go. When one of them withdrew, the determination of several of us suddenly collapsed.. A few people had a good day in the river bend and never mentioned going to Shaolin Temple again.. But then another teenager in the town disappeared without rhyme or reason. According to a fellow villager who came back from abroad many years later, he met him in Wutai Mountain and he was already a monk.. I don’t know if he had the same idea as us, but we were ashamed of his courage to act decisively..     I may not have learned martial arts at all, but I did not make much progress after a long time. However, I read the feeling when I participated in the Wulin Regulations. I marveled at the majestic artistic conception of Jin Yong, Liang Yusheng, Gu Long and other masters, and was impressed by their graceful and ethereal emotions, popular plots and beautiful characters.. I am deeply infatuated with it, lamenting that the original article can be written like this. Since then, in my small heart, I have planted a dream seed for myself. I also want to be a writer, and I firmly believe that it will grow with me..     I fell in love with words uncontrollably. I read and read the books my father brought back. Half a book of the Boxer Rebellion against the Eight – Power Allied Invaders and a book of the Children’s Literature Regulations have also become my favorite thing. Granny gave me pocket money at ordinary times, and I saved up all the comic books. The prize for every exam in the school was comic books. For those comic books, I worked very hard, and I got a copy every time I finished the exam, so I actually accumulated a large carton of comic books later.. Many literary masterpieces, fairy tales and historical stories were read in children’s books, which also benefited me greatly. My academic achievements have always been among the best, and every semester I will be rated ” Three Good Students.”. Every time I get back the certificate and the prize, my grandparents will be happy not to close their mouths. Although the prize is only a pen or a notebook, I will cherish it very much and keep it well..     Uninterruptible motivation, stimulate my desire to advance. When I was promoted to junior high school, I was admitted to the newly-built town middle school with the result of second place in the whole league district.. My father transferred to the new middle school a year ago. After he learned of my grades, he finally showed a rare smile on his face.. You know, since that time when I practiced handstand and couldn’t get down in the corner, my father kicked me angrily and turned back to school, never saying a word to me again. Once in a while, when I came home, what I saw was always a cold face, which scared me out of the atmosphere. Fortunately, grandma was protecting me, otherwise, I was really worried that he would not fly me again..     Junior high school life has begun. I have read many books and have mixed feelings. I know more and have mixed thoughts. I have always been infatuated with writing and literature, and my dream has begun to develop in my heart.. I don’t want to live in my father’s home at school. I don’t want to say a word to anyone. If I can’t figure it out, I will write a diary and talk to myself.. Until one day, after my father read one of my diaries, he was furious and devoted himself to the diary and severely criticized me, but once there was friction in my family, I would feel that it was related to me..The appearances in the secular life blinded my clear eyes and confused my clean heart, so troubles followed. Sometimes I think, if people don’t grow up, how good, carefree, heartless and happy they should be. However, time will not stop and time will not go back. I will inevitably grow. At the same time with my thoughts, I am more sensitive. I want to escape, but I have nowhere to escape. In desperation, I like a wounded hedgehog, carefully hide myself.     I don’t want to tell anyone about my joys and sorrows. I still talk with words and feel the joy they bring me. I wrote, like talking to a confidant about the true meaning of life, the white paper with its broad mind contains my passionate pen and ink and accepts my melancholy love.. When my teacher reads my composition as a model text in class, I often feel a little uneasy with pride, and how many of them are my true feelings? The language of my heart has long been torn to pieces by me and gone with the wind, far away, no one knows.     Time is like the small clear river, flowing silently forward, taking away many flashy years. In order to live, I ran around, but my dream in my heart was hitting my chest more and more strongly, like a fledgling young eagle, eager to spread its wings and rush into the vast blue sky.. Under the dim light of the activity board room, I was also doing ” dream” in the snoring of the workmates. I used my dream pen to record the dribs and drabs of life and express my faint feelings.. I wander in the dream world of writing, picking colorful spar, elaborately decorating my’ dream’.     Things are like a cloud in smoke, and a wandering heart gradually returns to the warm cabin. Every night when my thoughts fly, those illusory twinkling stars collide with the light flowers of my thoughts in my affectionate eyes, and I am immersed in the world of words, searching for the starry sky that belongs to me.     Perhaps it was a predestined fate. A bookstore that I frequented with a full range of literary publications was closed. I turned to the bookstore in the city and didn’t even buy my intimate friend for many years – prose regulations and articles selection regulations. After losing it, I searched the Internet, but I was overjoyed that there were so many literature websites I visited one by one.. When I opened the ” Prose Online” page, I was immediately attracted and cleared up the new light green tone, just like entering a vibrant spring, with the breath of youth blowing in my face.. The neat atmosphere, the clear titles of all kinds of articles, and the elegant pictures are refreshing and refreshing. Suddenly, generate has a strong desire to be eager to fit in with them..     Walked into the beautiful articles full of reiki, or like a beautiful piece of music, the beautiful melody lingered in the ear and played softly in the heart. Or, like a flowing clear stream, gently intones the true meaning of life and shows the graceful demeanor of nature. My dormant dream heart suddenly enlightened, isn’t this pure and beautiful literary platform a holy place for exchange and study? Isn’t this where the heart expresses its feelings? I can’t hide the joy in my heart, turning my feelings bit by bit into beating words, the approval of the editor’s teacher, and the original comments of friends deeply touched me and urged me to yearn for a better tomorrow..     I was surprised to find that my dream has put wings here, and it has already spread its wings of confidence and is ready to fly freely over the blue sea and sky of literature..