Escape’,’ drag’ and’ life feeling

Nowadays, there are more and more social temptations. Persistence is an extravagant hope for many people. It gives people the feeling that the whole society is degenerating. Now many people’s life style has been solidified, with families and companies living like puppets. Pursuit of? In the face of reality, how many people can talk about it. Rich people will only get richer and richer. If they have no money, they can only lend money to the next generation, and generations will not be able to afford a house for rich people.. What can we do? Everyone is so desperate! You said to study hard and change, you can’t do anything, not good enough, you can change it, one day is not enough, just two days, squeeze all the time out of your head office, right! However, this is not the case. Money is becoming less and less valuable now. You can only smile at you if you say to change it. Society needs capable people. Yes, but you have something to do with it and you can do it for a long time.. Is knowledge still important now? It’s enough to be literate if you have something to do with it! How old are you when rich people want to hire people with more knowledge?? In short, in today’s society, we should not live well with money, power and fame all the time, and live smartly. Other people are either self-deceiving and self-satisfied to say that they live well, or they are wandering and degenerating..     As the self-endorsement advertisement said, you saw my joy of success but didn’t see my sweat of hard work, but the funny thing is that I was born with a golden key, and there was no pressure on hard work, and there was a lot of tutoring and no difficulty.. But the poor people have to live every day, what time can they squeeze out and what opportunities can they have.     The whole world is degenerating and decaying. It won’t take long for the revolution to appear. Restore everything to its original time and then continue to decay. This cycle is endless and endless.. What to save the world? Who knows? What caused the decay of the world? It’s desire. Is man the moth of the whole earth? No, it should be one kind of moth, and the most greedy one. If, I mean, if there is no such creature on earth, the whole earth’s ecosystem will be much better, at least in the food chain, the environment will be much better than it is now. What is wisdom? Probably is the product of emotional desire. The higher the wisdom of the species, the stronger the desire. When people talk to themselves, all things grow in spirit, so it is the biggest cancer in the world.     When a person is alive, he often thinks about the meaning of living. The book says or the teacher teaches that living mainly depends on his existence value and how much he contributes to the society.. It seems quite right, how many people live like this? Reading – working – getting married – raising children – providing for the aged, so as to be able to speak for the rest of your life, not for the long, not for the short.. To put it simply, most people spend their whole lives for money, busy and loud, and at the moment of their death, they recall the countless lives they have spent, and ask themselves with emotion whether my life is spent in vain or not.. What’s the use of a thousand-year history or a thousand-year legacy? If you die, you can’t know what will happen, and you can’t control it.. This is also a matter of no choice. How can time be used or not? This is the way society is. If you want to get out of touch with it, you must also have the courage to do so.. Rich people have been swimming all over the world for a lifetime. Other people who have struggled to work with their teeth for a lifetime are gone, and they are not aware of it..     How to use the time is not enough. Three generations of working in one suite never saw the world’s splendor until death.. Is it a matter of national system? Is it not enough effort? Or is it human nature? Even if there is a so-called creator, he doesn’t know the answer, does he. The boundary between reality and virtuality may not be so obvious, or they are compatible. We sometimes don’t know whether we live really or not, and we have become numb to this society. No matter how bad life is, we don’t live like this.. The older generation used to say that bullet-biting was over, yes, it was over, but there was still one mountain high and one reclamation, and there was still a lot behind it..     Pressure, the whole society is full of suffocating pressure all the time. You said you couldn’t live, yes, as long as you can put everything, including your family. Did you ask if the world abandoned you? Of course not. The world has never seen everyone before.. That is, you abandoned the world, also wrong, it doesn’t matter who abandoned who, but some people are tired and can’t stand up, some people can’t wake up after sleeping.. Say what to turn pressure into power, like fighting landlords, and crush them to death.     Since you can’t hold on, you can always avoid it. If you cut off everything that comes into contact with the outside world, there will be a ” Peach Blossom Garden.”. It’s a pity that evading can’t solve the problem. The one who should come will always live like ” procrastination” and won’t live very well.. When there is no retreat, think about why people live? Why should we continue to live so tired?? This is a question enough to be explored for a lifetime. Perhaps living is to find out why you live. Since there is no retreat to face Luo, he is not even afraid of death, but also afraid of what. Think like this, everything that can’t be undone has been solved, but the life that left a mess can be angrily said, if you have the ability, you can rot a little more.. And then really worse.    You said that when everyone no longer has food, shelter and clothing, can that person live well?? Will more than half of mankind become degenerates, eating, sleeping, pulling and fooling for a lifetime? If we can add a long life, mankind will be extinct. Can boredom be a person?? If you live your life like this, you will feel unreal to death. If you can, everyone wants his life to be legendary and colorful. Who doesn’t want to, but can only think about it.     Escape, escape if you can, drag if you can’t, and you won’t look back until you reach the edge of the cliff. Do you have one?