Wall Street technology analyst: US stocks are building big top | Technical Analysis | Wall Street | Dow Theory

  Sina Wall Street FRANCISCO 11 morning news, Wall Street's well-known technical analyst, founder of investment advisory company LouiseYamadaTechnicalResearchAdvisors LouiseYamada recently pointed out that the United States might be in the process of building big top, level on line sell signal has occurred。   Yamada pointed out that US stocks continued weak signals, such as the difference between innovation and high stocks and stocks to new lows still in negative ratio rising trading volume and turnover of the fall in extreme oversold territory, which means that the market rebound in the process selling more than buying, is a typical feature of the top。
  But Yamada also reminded of investment capital: "We must recognize that the top has not been set up now, the top of the building is a process。 In this process, a growing number of plate began underperformed the broader market, more and more stocks began to Powei, fell below the trend line, below its 200-day moving average and the first to enter a bear market state。
"Yamada also pointed out that the reason bearish US stocks from the perspective of 'Dow Theory' of。   "Dow Theory" that the Dow Jones Industrial Average and transportation average index should verify each other, if both divergence, can be dangerous signal。 Yamada pointed out that in the past year, the stock market adjustment process, the transport index has been a leading indicator, and now the transport index closing price has fallen below the August lows。   "The transport index continues to break down, this is not a good sign。
Even the NYSE composite index itself is likely to fall below the November lows。
Remember, all these indices are still issued a sell signal on line level, "Yamada warned。   In addition, Yamada believes the bear market of crude oil is expected to continue, could fall to $ 32, 2009, lows, can not even guarantee of $ 32 will be able to hold。 (Tony compilation)。