Green! Sunshine

In the babbling of the spring water, a kind of young laughter was revealed in the sound of the water.. It was March and April, and the sound of water flowing under the ravine seemed to have such a sense of urgency. This is the masterpiece of a spring rain last night, bringing infinite vitality to nature. At ordinary times, under the sun’s paradise, people are always inseparable from clear running water. Therefore, from the mountains, from the deep valleys and from the grasslands, the meandering rivers lead the river to the front and to Yuan Ye … Ah, therefore, even though the flowers are also open on Yuan Ye, the flowers near the birth river are even more cheerful and lovely.!   Fresh and tender light green, of course, is to sprout a new life, followed by vigorous and vigorous growth; Looking forward to the golden harvest in the future. And the creatures who hold their heads up in the ice and snow also have a boiling passion for youth, while Qimei looks forward to a transparent and pure childhood. The middle-aged man who is steady and solid and works hard and does nothing to complain about is old and strong, and also shows a trend of not to be outdone in his twilight years.. Birds and flowers are not just a poetic topic. She certainly decorated the bright and beautiful spring and scenery, and the lonely and lonely cliff in the desolate and miserable shore also unfolded, showing her boundless greenery everywhere.. Look! The Gobi camel bell that flickers out of the sand and walks under the stone rings, it does not rise and fall in the generous speech, but more rises and falls in the busy running. It is not active in the noisy scene, but more deeply in the silent work. It is not beautiful in the sweet dream, but more vivid in the footsteps of moving forward. It is not emotional in the moving declaration, but more spectacular in the stumbling exploration. It does not wander in luxuriant articles, but rather in holy souls.   If the sky loses the sunshine, it is dark, but at least there is the earth.   The earth is desolate without sunshine, but at least there are human beings.   And human beings went to the sun first, even if there is a mighty sky and boiling earth, it is also a deadly silence..   In fact, the most important sunshine in the world is the good, uncommon and unyielding spirit of people..   His mind is not vulgar. Even if he is humble, his eyes are still far away and his stories are still profound.. His heart is extraordinary. Even if he is in a difficult situation, his shoulders are resolute and his arms are lofty.. His heart is unyielding. Even if it is dangerous, his feet are still sonorous and his standing is still tall and straight.. Therefore, it broadens the realm of life, consolidates the foundation of human life and keeps the bright colors of life forever..   A sunny morning, even without brilliant brilliance, high enthusiasm and abundant energy, will enrich the morning with endless implications..   People start in a sunny environment, and even if they are not appreciated and applauded, their high spirits and fearless enterprising spirit will make the start a new trend.. A man with sunshine can finally reap the fruits of his dream. A nation with sunshine can eventually rewrite myth into history. Hold on to a love, hold on to a road of ease; When the next plant is eager to be cultivated, a green forest will be formed at jointing stage.. Give life to every day, and you will never regret it for a lifetime.   I said, ” Happy is more important than alive.”. ‘ With vigor comes vigor, with vigor comes courage, with courage comes perseverance, and with perseverance comes success. With sunshine, there is no way out and there is hope.