Holding the stars, take a picture with the sun

[ Introduction ]I opened my palm and held it with my hands devoutly. It was a handful of finely broken stars. They were twinkling, crystal bright, soft halo, shining in my eyes and watery and transparent..     From an early age, he was a dreamer. His small head was always full of strange ideas. I often sit alone quietly, wordless and clever, but no one actually knows that my world has never been a pale one. In my heart, it has always been so colorful and colorful..   Many sunny nights, I will sit quietly on a small stool, holding my cheeks with both hands, motionless, staring at the deep and magical night sky in the distance, staring blankly alone.. How beautiful the sky was that night. The sky was downcast, blue and pure like a lake, like a smooth brocade, quiet and soft. The shining stars, like countless glittering and translucent gems, are scattered freely and joyfully on them.   At that time, the sky seemed to be very close to me, as if it could be touched as soon as I stretched out my hand.. For a long time, I wondered whether those stars would be the tears of the fairies in the sky? Will there be an elf living on every star there? It is also possible that a star is actually a small shining stone. So, I imagined that one day I could really pick a big bunch of stars and then secretly arrange them on my desk in a pattern I like.. Or, the elves on the stars will come out and play the best games with me. oh, by the way, I will leave a few more and string them into a string of shiny bracelets to be carried on my thin wrist and accompany me to sleep peacefully every night without stars..   Childhood is always beautiful and short. After making countless dreams about stars, in a twinkling of an eye, those little heroes who had been quiet in fairy tales grew up. When I grew up, I was tall, but still very thin, and the habit of dreaming and thinking remained unchanged.. Dream, do more, then gradually and text knot edge. I like to weave beautiful dreams one after another with words, so I see every word as the stars that I love from an early age and are full of spirit and magic..   Of course, I already knew at this moment that the stars cannot be strung into bracelets, and the stars are no longer tears for fairies, but I am still willing to stubbornly believe that there will still be an elf on top of every star.. However, they all manifest themselves in various emotions and moods, such as calm, love, joy, free and easy, contradiction, and tangle….. All kinds and spirits are different.   So, often a person, in the quiet night, in the soothing and gentle music, carefully mixes these various moods and emotions according to different combinations.. I think, at that time, I must be like a fairy fairy in a fairy tale, with the slender slender fingers, smiling, while joyfully gently picking up the shining stars in the night sky, and then arranging them at random..   In the world of stars and words, I was so free, as if I had really become a fairy with boundless magic power. I could travel through time and space at will and translate into various characters, with different identities, representing different lives one after another..   In the strong music, I once drank a glass of wine with Xin Qiji in the boundless desert and lonely smoke in the sunset, and sang’ drinking with lights and swords, dreaming of blowing horns and connecting camps’; I also came to the Tang Dynasty and chanted loudly with Wang Changling” but I made Longcheng fly in and did not teach Hu Madu Yinshan”; On another occasion, I learned to live in seclusion in Xanadu, living all day’ under the east fence of chrysanthemum picking and leisurely seeing Nanshan’. However, in a few days, I felt that my’ man’ did not seem to be very suitable for this kind of life without controversy, so I became a prodigal son with chivalrous character and gentle bowels, one man and one horse, covered with starlight and wielding a sword at the end of the world..   In the euphemistic music, I used to be a simple, elegant and beautiful Jiangnan woman, wearing a plain flower cheongsam and holding an oil paper umbrella gracefully, walking on a misty bridge, looking back, I was doomed to the agreement of my life. I was also a unruly and willful girl, holding your arm tightly and breathing like orchid: ” Will you accompany me to ride a horse?”? ‘ so, you a face of helpless, also a face of spoil, drunk in my QiaoXiaoQianXi; Sometimes, I will turn myself into a calm and elegant woman, walking gently, smiling lightly, waiting for the thrilling encounter with you in my life..   When I’m tired, I’ll turn myself into a slender but tough green bamboo. I’ll only open flowers for you once in my life and bear bamboo and rice once, even if the years will age my face. Or, turn yourself into a warm maple tree, full of red leaves and full of acacia trees, waiting for you to come on the way to make you blush with shame. Or, I will turn myself into a shining star, quietly hanging under the night sky, quietly and intently looking at the gentle man, how to carefully write my name in a row under the light.   But now, it is a bright afternoon, the snow-like sunshine is spreading through my room through the window, and the words and stars in my heart and sea are beginning to jump with uncontrollable joy.. At this moment, as if they were in my heart, dancing enthusiastically and moving joyfully in my eyes. At my fingertips, I am eager to try and fly high.. So, on this slightly drunk spring afternoon, I wash my hands and burn incense, sit at the window with my fingertips slightly heavy and my wrists slightly turned. In the fresh ink fragrance and on the white plain paper, I once again scattered the words like stars and arranged them in random and orderly rows.. Through the fragrant pen and ink, I was surprised to see that the characters and elves conjured up a beautiful fairy tale world in front of me..   Under the blue sky, a piece of soft grass. I am barefoot, wearing a white gauze skirt, wearing a lavender wreath on my head, and a bracelet made of cordate telosma on my wrist. In this fairy tale, I am clean and fresh like an angel without dye..   I opened my palm and held it piously with my hands. It was a handful of finely broken stars that glittered and shone bright and soft with a halo that shone in my eyes and was watery and transparent.. I just walked briskly to the sun with a clear and childlike smile on my face: ” sun, I want to take a picture with you, ok?”? The sun seemed to turn red all at once. I know he pretended not to care about his face and could not hide his joy in his heart. Sure enough, he slowly began to smile and nodded happily: ” Well, in fact, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.”. Then, in the golden sunshine, I saw the kapok flower beside me blooming bit by bit, and I also vaguely heard that the stars and elves were singing a song I didn’t know the name of with the birds on the branches in whisper to one another, which was very pleasant to hear..[ Responsible Editor: Tian Shaoyu[ Original ]