I love prose online

I was reading teacher Jiang nan – feng’s article, following his tracks, sniffing his rhyme and finding prose online all the way. These days I’ve been intoxicated with prose online for almost all day, lingering on, infatuated with beautiful prose, and throbbing with beautiful sentences.. Here undiscovered talent gathers a large number of outstanding writers and a large number of exquisite articles. Here is the clean soil of a script. At this point, as a new student, I would like to say thank you to all the editors and teachers.! Say hello to your friends!     I have been reading, watching and thinking about prose online these days. Today, I suddenly have the impulse to say some ideas about prose online for our teachers and editors’ reference..     One. Beautiful layout: prose online layout can also be more beautiful, and colors can be more vivid. The distribution of electric action, navigation, home page pictures and advertisement pictures and texts in the upper section of the layout can also be more coordinated, giving people comfort and brightening their eyes as soon as they come in. The black-background graphics like prose on-line can be placed at the bottom completely, and the fonts and colors of domestic book numbers can be fresh and beautiful.. Blitzkrieg is too single and can be enriched with some advertisements, but also can increase a little income..     In order to highlight the key points, such as the recent visit to members and the list of contracted writers, the proportion of the layout can be reduced moderately, and scrolling can be adopted to reduce the screen occupation and squeeze out some of the layout to be embedded in the annual appraisal, introduction of outstanding works and comments by editors and teachers.. At the bottom of the page, an online introduction to prose, a history of growth, an introduction to an editor’s teacher, an introduction to a contracted writer, a detailed description of a book, registration instructions, and member management will be set up so that writers and readers can click on the relevant page to read.. Set up an editor-only teacher and writer who can modify the settings of the reviewed articles in order to correct the errors in the articles in time..     Two. Add bonus: You can add a bonus to the existing number of clicks, visits and articles published.. Don’t begrudge your gold coins, they’re not real money. You can send 2 gold coins for each article, 5 gold coins for the recommended article, and 1 gold coin for each comment. You can refer to the annual points at the end of the year ( pay attention to the annual points ) and appraise the outstanding writers of the year.. You can also set up a ranking list of monthly points to encourage everyone to contribute actively and comment actively.     Three. Active atmosphere: to make prose online is everyone’s prose online, it is a prose online loved by editors, writers and readers, which requires everyone to actively participate and gain popularity. In this way, prose online will be more prosperous, more vigorous and full of vitality.     Today’s prose online I feel a bit dull. After a beautiful article was published, many people read it, but no one commented on it. It seems a bit cold and cheerless.. I suggest that the editorial teacher take the lead in commenting on good articles. Often the teacher’s words can warm the writer’s heart for a long time.. At the same time, writers should also be encouraged to comment on each other and send one gold coin at a time.. This not only enlivens the atmosphere, but also improves the communication between writers, mutual understanding and friendship.     Four. Recommended article: The current online prose is mainly based on review. I think the practice should be changed. Of course, editing teachers face a huge amount of articles from all over the country every day, and there is a great deal of work in light of the examination. It is really hard to face the screen every day, dizzy and dazzled.. However, for the sake of prose online, I still hope to comment on particularly excellent articles and correct obvious mistakes so as to further improve the quality of prose online. On the other hand, through your channels, recommend good articles to the relevant newspapers and periodicals. I believe your efforts will be rewarded.     Five. Encourage the publication of books: You’ve done a good job of this. What I want to say here is that you can also organize yourself to contact writers to encourage them to publish books and to fulfill their dream of publishing books.. Help them to review, typeset, design and write the preface, of course, you can completely charge the fees.     Six. Carry out appraisal: according to the annual points, editors’ teacher’s recommendation and members’ praise, the top 10 writers are appraised each year on the prose online website, or organized to communicate and commend at the prose online headquarters for a certain fee to inspire them to love prose online more and write better works for readers..     Looking at the starry sky, my mood is surging and I don’t know what to say … Ah, the above suggestions are purely personal views. If there is any problem, please forgive me..