If you don’t hurt yourself, time will be fine

Busy dream, dream has no trace. On the dusty road, meeting is a moment, and forgetting may also be a thought. If it is emotion that cannot be turned back, then it is time that cannot be retained..     There are too many fates in this world, either the wrong time or the wrong place. Rolling in the world of mortals, the myriad world, the fate of only that one. And you, can want up, also only this one. Perhaps, there are some things and some words that have not been deliberately explained, but just feel unnecessary. Most of the time, unintentional concealment is not cheating, but just thinking that it has nothing to do with others. However, if misleading is an injury, longitudinal is careless and sinful. So, I chose a way to express a position. Not heartless in the heart, but not affectionate. Like Buddha nature, seemingly ruthless, but most affectionate. The purpose of deep feeling is to keep others away from unnecessary injuries. Like it or not, I am just me, not too close and sincere. Not for name, not for heart, but for the most sincere attitude, quietly elegant and pure in heart, choose the most suitable one to own.     In fact, I am not a heartless and heartless person. I only know that this is another kind of fireworks when I enter a network that has always considered virtual and disdainful because of words.. Here also deliberately heavy affection long; There is also a separation of aggregation and dispersion. Most of the time, I will also be moved by the care I have never seen before. Warm heart in those thousands of miles away thoughts; Thank you for your constant support and cherish the friendship between all screens.     Perhaps where there are people, there will be a convergence of hearts and emotional entanglement. However, there is also sincerity. There is also falsehood. Most of the time we can’t distinguish accurately, so we chose to let nature take its course and be careless..     But is there a time when you are serious and others think you are joking? Or, someone else is serious and you have always been a joke. So, in this way, you are really getting more and more serious while the fake ones are getting more and more difficult to explain.. An injury, so quietly blooming prosperity, ended up with no fruit.     There are many scenery in life. It is only suitable for passing by, but not for self – possession.. Like many opportunities in life, they are mostly scattered in the overlapping alternation of spring flowers and autumn months in an accident. We can’t predict fate, let alone change destiny in fate.     As in our life, we are always walking. How many people are like flowers and trees growing at the intersection you must pass through, will be lost after getting them, and will be forgotten after having them.. How much knowledge is the beginning of surprise and the end of sorrow. Some fate such as fireworks moment; Some fate such as flowers bloom one season; There are also some fate, such as the imprint of the heart endures. Yesterday’s meeting may leave today. And today’s departure may meet again tomorrow. Life is like a play, play is like a life. We who travel through the world of mortals are just the actors who wear costumes to interpret their lives..     However, we don’t know how many scenes need to be sincere and how many scenes can only be played in a scene.. So many times, we can’t indulge, not heartless, but dare not use affection. Because any affectionate, may be a kind of injury.     So, we got used to gathering and scattering and equanimity of clutch.     Although every parting means that you are the end of the world and I am the end of the earth, please do not take away your memory no matter what kind of farewell, light or grand.. At that time, the light will eventually grow old, and all the past events in smoke will return to zero. Only the memories that are clear and shallow can restore those years that will never go back and warm those pale green years in life..     What can be reduced to memory is the past, but we live in the present. No matter what kind of scenery once passed by, it was only a way to prove life. No matter what kind of story the future will experience, it is only the path of life. And only now, is the most worthy of their own to cherish and grasp. Whether it’s for people or things, it’s better to do everything you can when you have them than to cherish them after you lose them.. To maintain with all one’s heart and to give with all one’s efforts, even if one day, one still cannot escape the fate of losing, at least one will not regret it..     Busy dream, dream has no trace. On the dusty road, meeting is a moment, and forgetting may also be a thought. If it is emotion that cannot be turned back, then it is time that cannot be retained.. How many promises are never lost and never forgotten is always so fragile in front of the years..We often stand at the ferry of life, watching the back of the past and standing alone in the wind with tears streaming down our faces.. Time is a merciless sword, often crushing some beautiful cuts. And we shuttle through just visiting, blurred our eyes and stingy sincerity in many false and true situations and between true and false situations..     In fact, if you don’t hurt yourself, time will be fine. Let the world of mortals be disturbed and the world be blurred, as long as you are sober and self – sustaining, calm and easy, believe in the way of life and where there is no way to go, you can have a bright sun and a warm spring..