Wine talk

Grandpa’s father, I have never seen him before, and I have no idea whether he drinks or not. Anyway, grandpa likes drinking, and he drinks greedily..     The family had a difficult life in the early years and went to the cooperative to buy a bottle of canned braise in soy sauce meat and make dumplings. The family looked like New Year’s Day.. Every now and then grandpa dawdled on the table, as if something had not been done. grandma saw through grandpa’s mind: ” old things, why not go to the table, thinking about the cat urine ( wine )? At this moment, grandpa seemed to have been granted permission. shrimp found half a bottle of wine at the foot of the wall, happily gathered to the table, poured a cup of wine and enjoyed a sip of it. when he noticed grandma’s displeasure with him, he spoke plausibly: ” dumpling wine, dumpling wine and eating dumplings without drinking are equal to feeding dogs in vain.”. ‘ said we almost laughed out loud. After a few drinks, grandpa’s face became a chrysanthemum.     I don’t have any research, and I can’t find out where and what generation people invented wine, but medicine has to admit that drinking wine moderately can strengthen the body.. My grandfather drank all his life and didn’t die of illness until he was in his eighties..     Forest farm population is small, so big ass field. In the winter season, there was a ” big smoke gun” outside the window, and several old men sat chatting on the heated kang.. When a woman brings a pot of stew to the kang table, her brother will have a few drinks, or it will be like something missing. They chatted, chatted, chatted, and talked back to the days when they first came to fight in the forest area.. They have spent most of their lives in the mountains’ experience of’ revolution’, where there is a ditch and where there is a snag in the mountains around the forest farm, they are all clear and clear, and the endless mountains have left their footprints in life.. As for the others, they could not talk about any new topics.     ‘ I was really beautiful at that time. I was driving a small train by myself and could pull more than 30 pieces of wood like a long dragon. At that time, several of you were still working as twigs.. ‘ Lao Zhou said proudly.     Laozhao was in a hurry: ” Why did you hit the branches? You don’t want to cut the branches. When I was a sawyer, you didn’t even know that it was burning oil. You also stuffed the branches into the saws.”. ‘ Everyone turned their heads and turned their heads and drank all the wine in the bowl.     Nowadays, the city people also drink wine, which is much more elegant than the forest farm. The restaurant in the city was ostentation and extravagance, and the banquet room was filled with a cup of wine and a cup of wine. The wooden man was magically sharp – toothed. People with bright mouths are spitting disingenuous words. Even those who used to have some holidays will also be close friends, hug their necks and hold their waists, and have a warm atmosphere of ” Yu Liang and me at the same time, when to cook wine and discuss heroes”.     When I first came to work in the city, I still drank nothing, but as a clerk, I had to gather together a company.. This one said: ” Wine is the medium of communication. If you don’t drink it, you will despise everyone.”. So I drank my first cup. The man said, ” Wine is grain essence, and the younger you drink it, the younger you get.”. ‘ I pushed and drank the second cup. Over time, my body, like my grandfather in his early years, has deposited the factor of ” good wine” and has invaded my soul as soon as I see wine and drink it into my body.. When I was a little tipsy, I forgot my worries and worries, and my emasculated self-esteem returned to the sun, shouting at the top of my voice to identify people, talking about life and showing the underlying inferiority in my bones.. When I came home drunk and wobbled around, my wife just wanted to nag me, and I said, ” You know a fart, wine is father, food is mother, and drinking to death is better than shooting.”. ‘ My wife no longer cares about me: ” Drink, drink and die.”! The somebody else sold you, you also help somebody else count money! ‘ At present, people have given new connotation to wine, and bath buildings and wine shops have become symbols of modern civilization. ‘ now how many men know, but the way senior officials are fairy. ‘ If one day I accidentally mixed up with some amazing fairy for a drink, although I was full of minions during the dinner, I could tell everyone when I came out: ” I had another drink with XXX last night. He and I had a few drinks and drank me in a mess. I can’t help it, I can’t do it without drinking.”.. ‘ so-and-so fairy naturally became his bragging and showing off capital. It seems that we can’t underestimate the function of this wine. It plays a different role in drinking with whom, on what occasion and for what purpose.. No wonder some people say that wine is the second largest’ killer’ after beauty in official circles. Since ancient times, people have put wine and ” color” and ” money” into a family: ” money is like mountain tigers, wine is like intestinal poison, and color is like bone scraping steel knives.”. How can I get it? This mellow wine was originally a poison to wear intestines. The wine secretly wept in private.     Break it up and break it up and say that wine is definitely a good thing.     Friends get together and drinking is a great event. drinking Alone with the Moon is a matter of elegance. Drinking with beautiful women is an affair. How can you say that wine is not a good thing. In ancient times, many literati and painters were predestined friends with wine. Li Bai claimed to be an immortal in wine and was a lover of wine all his life. His death was also said to have been due to drowning in water after drinking, which was really elegant.. Song dynasty’s Xin qiji said, ” if you want a good poem, you must have a deep glass.”. He wrote in the regulations on participating in the Xijiang month’s task: ” last night, I was drunk and asked how drunk I was. I only suspected that I wanted to help with loosening up and pushed loose with my hand and said,” go. ”. ‘ is really drunk lovely.     Last summer, I went back to the forest farm to visit my mother. In the evening, my playmate Erzhu invited me to his house to drink two cups. I did not refuse to do so. My friends who grew up together were not allowed to be false..The sun has already blocked the mountain, and the whole courtyard is flushed with sunset glow. Sitting under the mountain tree in front of the two-pillar house, it is cool and comfortable with the breeze.. A plate of salted duck eggs with oil beads and a pot of bean curd stewed with bacon, we ate and drank the small shochu produced by the forest farm, which was really a pleasure.. I sat on the floor with the two pillars without ceremony or posturing. We opened our hearts and recalled the old days of our childhood.. A few handfuls of candy, our curled-up memory was seduced by wine, like a turn back to the youth, playing and slapstick, dreams and longings haunting us all the time.. The speaker Kan Kan, the listener, raised his glass and drank it off. At this moment, my heart is no longer desolate, and I have already left vanity and unhappiness on the other side of the mountain..     Indeed, wine can make people bold and smart, and can make them open-minded and noble. Wine can also make people violent and foolish, and can also make people mean and mean. It can make our life richer and more colorful, and it can also make our surroundings malodorous and unscrupulous.. Alas, wine this thing.     Zhu Dunru once said, ” Be free from flowers and wine.”. ‘ I have been out of control since I was in company with wine. Although I didn’t take wine as my’ set’, I found a tipsy escape after drinking. Although I wasn’t attracted by flowers, I was trapped by wine.. I want to put aside fame and fortune in this graceful escape and bring back my once serene mind..     Author introduction Xia Yujun, pseudonym: North Woodcutter, member of Heilongjiang Writers’ Association, working for the State Taxation Bureau of Yichun Friendly District, Heilongjiang Province, has published Xing ‘an series of essays to participate in the Xing ‘an Memory Bill since the 1980s, and inspirational essays to participate in the ” Lightening Heart Lights” Regulations and novels to participate in the Mountain Mountain People Regulations.. Articles are scattered in magazines such as Yan He, the People’s Literature of the Present Age, Liao He Literature Regulations and Years Regulations, and some articles are reprinted by magazines such as Readers Regulations..