20 learn this trick, you will certainly have good karma

20 learn this trick, it will certainly have a good karma, how to make more than nod others interested in the topic you are expressed?How can the other person that you do not get distracted in conversation?Expert advice given is: from time to time place three times head.If you have a positive view of their own content expressed or hear, you will unconsciously nod, but also let each other get infected, which is a causal style scene.2, when to shut up, shut up what is most interesting topics?It depends on where you are talking to, for most people, the most interesting topic to discuss their own.Weapon experts say, if the conversation the other did not ask about your personal situation, it is best not to take the initiative to bring even mention, they would not be interested in.3, friendly behavior suggests when and ride an elevator with a stranger, you are not only stare at the ground?Many people do not know how to show some would be regarded as friendly actions to others.Out of the small circle, some more contact with people, and more and they talk.When people are not familiar with and just start talking, in order to achieve the best results of conversation, the head 15 seconds is best to mention their name twice, it will not only help you keep in mind the other side, but also let the conversation humane.4, the signal flashed his hands as a show of hands to surrender since ancient times.Not see each other’s hands will make life suspicion: Is he hiding behind hands holding a stick?And for those who spread his hands at the time of speaking, we will not consciously reported a positive response.Experts suggested that the best flashed his hands while talking, the other side to focus on your words.As best you can spread out your palms like a preacher.When talking hands behind, will become arrogant.5, remain true before a kind person, who later was another pair of colors, a lot of people like to reveal a multi-faceted personality in interpersonal relationships, but experts suggest that, in order to allow other people to like you, that the best qualities.No matter how much interaction you show generosity, kindness and humor, this one is not sincere enough to offset the disadvantage of all of the advantages of the above.Leading real shortcut is common.Have in common with each other, you will enjoy each other and each other.So, instead of endlessly try to figure out the mind, match up, it is better to find a common hobby frankly, only one thing to talk.6, proactive if there is any single factor can make you win most people prefer, then this factor can only be rooted in your mood changes in the nature of optimism.Studies have shown that lack of optimism about life in the world of the spirit of man can not be welcomed.Negative emotions like a firebomb, most people already have enough to live tired, and for them, this type of negative emotions, the better burning.7, eyebrows signal when you uneasy sitting in the conference room, dull eyes swept everyone in the conference room, at this time, a guy raised his eyebrows at you, but you still immersed in the oblivious their thoughts among.Guess what kind of consequences will occur?Yang eyebrows at you that guy you definitely hated.Will only raised his eyebrows among friends, this is a bona fide signal.Experts explained that Yangdong eyebrows are unique to primates signal, is a widely used emoticons.8, grinning mouth slightly raised a humble signal, and show their teeth is to imply: I was harmless.For best results, try to grin it, dentist seen it.Like that on it.Research shows that people usually think of those smiling faces face more attractive, more friendly.9, Empathy Dafa Clinton will often own just know people and movie stars analogy, it not only helps him easily remember each other’s name, but also made him even when not know each other and appreciate each other to find a reason to.When you first met a stranger, so you try to find some familiar things in him, like a little bad, drink beer, etc..Think about your lovely uncle, look at the man in front, if somewhat quite similar?This comparison will make you love wells up soon when he was one of us.10, considerate friend your buddies want to get rid of his troubled marriage, but as a good brother, you are sure to advise him, to advise.But the problem is, you have to suppress emotional support.In other feelings clear premise, do not easily show empathy attitude, not to say the words too far fueled.Initiative to the other side.The other side open to talking, and so he will pause silence, encourage him to continue, do not interrupt him, this time you need to be patient.11, keep a distance no one likes aggressive rapper.Intimate personal space region of the whole body in a range of 30 to 45 cm, depending on the density of the surrounding population may be.Violations of human intimacy zone will subconsciously back, some of the closed strategy to divert attention or take, such as reading a newspaper or listening to music wearing earplugs.Stand on its own comfortable position on the conversation, if the other back, you can stand still to make up the difference in feeling.Many people will follow along with each other’s back and forward, so let yourself feel better, but for a backslider, he will need to pull a little more comfortable space.12, the mirror when people start learning close contacts, as they will control each other, learn from each other, this is a very effective strategy, it allows us to get along rapport between each other.When a person to participate in activities not know?It does not matter, pay attention to the people around them pose and expression, and then follow suit, you will duck to water, soon to mingle with other people.13, outspoken ah, I love you.Bags.I’m sorry, I did not catch.your.Oh, that bag.And it is with your belt color.What the fuck you want to say in the end?Put people getting mad, the best way is to get to the core.If the sound of mosquitoes, what about understanding?Not to mention pleasing.Ideal voice should be deep and deep.You can use the sound by reducing the rate of speech to express their feelings, so that others have time for feedback, if Speed too fast, the other almost no time to reflect.14, stay motivated research found that people remain passionate popularity higher.Stay motivated is an important skill, enthusiastic people not only susceptible to other people psychologically, but also for each other to eliminate loneliness.During the conversation, to keep a clear head and a strong passion.Passionate people are always exciting, in the eyes of everyone, limitless energy you always not only resourceful, but also the strength of.15, becomes the most listeners never betray offending behavior than talking eyes dull.In order to clarify the relevant factors leads to distrust of interpersonal relationships, the researchers who conducted the survey for 3000, the results show that absent-minded is the key reason lose the trust of people, which is second only to lie lethality.fully get involved.Close the phone, turn off the computer, face up to the existence of others.Why do so many celebrities have the general popularity of Elvis Presley?I respect human foot, I respect people ten feet, in fact, the truth is interlinked.16, skill compliment compliment is not difficult, but to make them really have to want to embrace a bit level.You can bluntly express love to each other, but it is best to point out the reasons, in other words, to prove to her.Clothes look good, such a direct compliment too empty, and general courtesy is no fundamental difference thanks.Nice dress, you wear very fit.It is to buy ready-made or tailor-made?Such statements will really impressive.17, moderately tough blindly to please others favor unfair to myself, this behavior should not be at the expense of sacrificing principle.Human beings are contradictory nature of biological, submissive nice guy can not get the respect of others, and no one will like.In order to cater to deliberately units boss obsequious behavior is not to be seen by others.The principle of substitution makes you feel tall image up.Strong-minded people in order to give people a sense of security, but they are also full of confidence, covered exudes attractive person..18, use of limbs affectionate physical contact can sometimes produce unexpected results.Studies have shown that those who carried out the waiter slight physical contact with old customers in the service process will receive more tips.Where you can not touch, and that would be misinterpreted as sexual harassment in the office.For men, from the elbow to the shoulder of the range is safe territory; and women’s security perimeter extends from the shoulder to the hand.If they are happy to accept your physical contact itself also shows that you have a good relationship.In daily interactions, slight shoulders touching each other for a few seconds, will convey a positive signal of goodwill.19, asymmetrical facial contours symmetrical but those who asymmetrical features, it is easy to let others feel close, so sometimes actress stint in a mole or freckle on the face.If you feel his face grow too serious, you can slanting wear a hat or hair rope to the side.Of course, Do not pretend Cyclops elegant art as what behavior.20, learn to capture a woman’s heart humor humor is a great tool.Who does not want to make life easier for some of it?Research shows that many women are directly linked to the humor and wisdom, even in her mind, whether you are reliable or popular, you need to be reflected through the humorous style of conversation.It will be self-deprecating man is certainly a good dating partner, why not?It can be self-deprecating self-confidence.The lack of self-esteem is too fragile, and when he had carefully dialogue, it is easy to become the laughing stock of others.Original Essay: the headline number yam medicine reproduced, please indicate the Release headlines on author and do not 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