A portrait of couplets, doing things such as essays

A portrait of couplets, doing things such as essays I have always felt that the most successful state in life is: a portrait of couplets, doing things such as essays.Couplets exquisite tonal.A portrait of couplets, is the face of major principles, stiff, law-abiding, and not cross the red line, not through a red light.Couplets have to take care of up and down.A portrait of couplets, can not go it alone, we must learn to hold together, to pursue the maximization of collective interest, a single is a worm, is the whole dragon.Essay natural flexibility.Things such as essays, is known to digest, good at innovation and change, original style, good at playing a combination of boxing.Essay fresh and smooth.Things such as essays, we must work refreshing, not dragging its feet, not submissive, not hesitant, unambiguous in their statements.A portrait of couplets, is the thesis writing, is also dancing with shackles, recite poetry in a unique sonorous antithesis and ze years; things such as essays, text entourage with concentric walks, is thinks, clinching wisdom hand, success is not far ahead.A portrait of couplets, short word meaning long, but not simple, every word is a gem. It’s like people in your spirit, not doping hypocrisy of water and impurities, earthly surging, we do a pick gold sand man.Things such as essays, to be more emotional, creative process a thing if she is not emotional, and this thing is empty, pale, shriveled, without a soul, therefore, the process of doing things to penetrate their love in, charge If Meaningful life back.A portrait of couplets, the overall win in the linkage that is a consistent, tail echo, not deviant, not inconsistent, not a quitter, no way back.Things such as essays, then on Reiki is completed, talking about a matter of course, water sports are popular, not artificial, non-conformist, not conservative, not behind closed doors.Life or perhaps a jacket that is supposed to be nothing more than a table and in the relationship.On matters of principle in life, to learn to stick to, stick to the order of the mind, also, as a down jacket well in advance of the epidermis; in the process of doing things, to be good at breaking, break the mindset, out of the question to see the problem, which in turn like a down jacket, either duck, goose, can be made into warm down jacket.A portrait of couplets, maintain a large romantic on the big rules; do things such as essays, little warmth reflected in a small Emmanuel.