Eighth "Young Astronaut Training Camp" to accept the nomination of Hong Kong secondary school

China news agency, Hong Kong, May 9 – Hong Kong SAR Government Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) today announced that Hong Kong eighth, "Young Astronaut Training Camp" that day until May 31, to secondary nomination in Hong Kong students。
The Hong Kong "Young Astronaut Training Camp" to participate in the quota of 30 people, selected campers will participate in a series of spacecraft to the mainland summer training activities, learning about space science and space technology knowledge and deepen their understanding of China's space industry。
The current "Young Astronaut Training Camp" for a period of eight days, was held July 29 to August 5。 Hong Kong campers will visit the National Beijing Aerospace City, National Astronomical Observatory of Miyun Observatory Xinglong Station and other major aerospace facilities and astronomical observation stations to learn more about astronomy development of China's aerospace science and technology, as well as radio and optical, etc.。 In addition to visiting foreign, Hong Kong, "Young Astronaut Training Camp" Campers will also meet with space experts and astronauts to participate in space science and space technology seminars, training courses and experience the astronauts, including the "wear off space suit" "space kitchen ", 'mental training', 'escape life-saving training' and 'blood redistribution training', etc.。
Upon completion of training, the campers will take the course exam and received certificates。
Hong Kong SAR Government LCSD said, "Young Astronaut Training Camp" Participants must be 12 or over, Hong Kong, two thousand and fifteen sixteenths school year in two to six full-time students, and shall nominate schools participate, each secondary school may nominate up to two students。
In addition, students also need to participate in the nomination astronomy and space science quiz, a three-day training camp before the interview and selection, etc. 3, outstanding performance can be selected to attend Camp。
It is understood that since mid-2009 began, Hong Kong "Young Astronaut Training Camp" held annually during the summer months, pick 30 of Hong Kong secondary school students during the summer to participate in the mainland astronauts Experience Program。 The last seven sessions of the "Young Astronaut Training Camp" were a great success, community response was very good。 Hong Kong eighth "Young Astronaut Training Camp" jointly organized by the LCSD HKSAR Government, the Hong Kong Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, the China Astronaut Research and Training Center and the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Beijing-Hong Kong Academic Exchange Center Co, Hong Kong Space Museum planned by Hong Kong Chinese General Chamber of Commerce sponsors。