Foot common taboo not to do these things

What are the common taboo foot is already very familiar kind of health care methods, and also a foot, a lot of people will soak feet at home to relieve the day's fatigue。
But there are a lot of foot is contraindicated。
Following small for everyone to talk about common foot taboo, these things do not do oh!Foot a common taboo, foot bath should pay attention to moderate temperature (optimum temperature at 40-45 ℃), while cold water on the blood vessels contraction and health benefits。
The best water temperature allows the foot to adapt by gradually heats up。 Second, do foot when the water temperature is best kept at between thirty to forty degrees, especially when foot bath treatment, only the right time the right temperature, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the drug effective。
Third, before meals, after meals within 30 minutes should not foot bath, foot medicated bath before meals may inhibit gastric secretion of digestive adverse foot bath immediately after a meal can cause gastrointestinal blood volume reduction, affecting digestion。 Fourth, foot bath drug treatment, some drugs for external use can be blistering, or local redness,。
Some patients may occur after the genus-specific, medication allergies。
Fifth, the outer foot dipping treatment with the drug, the dose is large, there are some drugs toxicity, it is generally not appropriate inlet。 Meanwhile, the foot bath drug treatment is completed, should wash the affected area, wipe。
Foot common Taboo VI, during the foot, because the foot and lower limb blood vessels to dilate, blood volume increases, the head can cause acute anemia, dizziness, blurred vision。
Symptoms Seven, bleeding, etc., should not foot。 There and frail, feet feet time not too long, time is generally no more than 10 minutes。 Eight, after the massage must drink warm water (kidney and heart patients can eat, drink less number) within 30 minutes, in order to facilitate blood circulation, and there is a certain detoxification。 Hypnotic effect foot bath before going to bed。