Bath vicissitudes

Golden sunset slowly dispersed in a lake reflection, quartzite town still retained the warmth of summer, were reluctant to disperse, deep alleys, lightweight palm-leaf fan quietly flapping, whether to tell that old story, the air is also filled with the unique atmosphere of this town, where fireflies illuminate every corner of leisure after a reproduction of this satiation.There is no city noise, no lights green wine, seemed to hear the erhu solo a pleasure to escape the city’s wells, untold human ups and downs, joys and sorrows said endless world, where a brick and tile has its own story, marshes, and ultimately still escape the shackles of history.  Created a simple and unassuming life of the land, the dream seems to go back to that place, how much precipitation streets of ancient history, Zhu Hua, the breeze blowing piece of ancient plane trees, blown away a tired, leaving white wall tiles day, alone in interpretation.. Rain in the past, sweltering dispersed, washing the town, also wash everyone’s mind, chilly out slowly from the bottom of my heart, so simple, so gentle.  Bathed in the quiet night sky, watching stars, forget all the heart, then think back to thousands, and describe the story behind the Intrigue, love, sharing in that paper umbrella.  Tonight, I only wish you crazy, even if just passing through!  Tonight, I was willing to listen to the world of that period Piccolo erhu!