Cook a pot of moonlight

Chang E sitting alone in old Laurel, overlooking the vastness of the universe, the brilliant stars winked at her, her feel miserable.  Cut a laurel branches, the fire is more prosperous and more prosperous.  Through four seasons wind, cook a pot of moonlight, for all to enjoy.    Cook to happiness, to go alone to cook, cook came bustling, cook gone wild.  Cook walked division, cooked to unity, cook walked disease, to cook healthy.  Cook walked worry, joy to cook, boil away evil, came good cook.  Cook walked war, cooked to peace, cook away the darkness, to the boiling sun.    Cup to send seven fairies and Dong Lang, and wish them a speedy reunion, will not be in heaven, earth.  To send a cup of Cowherd and Weaver Girl, wish them Tianhe bypass, boundless happiness.  Send to the world cup of all lovers, let them get married, life together, Forever.  A cup to the elderly, and wish them happiness and longevity, to send a cup of children, wish to send their healthy growth to the things in the world cup, wishing them prosperity and bright future.    When the Full Moon moonlight earth, do not forget there is a cook Chang E in the moon.  For thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, living alone in the Moon Palace, hard boiled brighter the moon brighter.