Cook fry mountain bandits

Song Nanping Liu depression originally opened a small restaurant in town.Later, he was invited to Beijing to go home warlords to become a private cook.Who would have thought did less than two years, was ousted warlord, he packed up back home.  Passing Breeze Hill, he was two mountain bandits to the eye.Line to the quiet place, the two mountain bandits over to grab him, he struggled to cover your own package.The two mountain bandits took him down to the ground, kicked and hit, and finally the sharp dagger to stand on his neck, fiercely asked him: Are you risk your life or homes fiscal ah?  Song Nanping tears, said: Brother, I beg you, give me a break.I saved up for two years so she saved some money, he is married to his wife to go home.I do not take the money back, you have to marry someone else ah Komidori.  That he did not see two mountain bandits homes fiscal, we should straighten dagger pierced his.Song Nanping a Look at the two mountain bandits really want to discuss his life, hands on the loose.The two mountain bandits robbed a parcel, fled.Song Nanping wiped his tears, went to the county government to complain.  That county chairman heard that he was robbed in the mountain breeze, just shook his head and said: breeze mountain bandits, very swift and fierce, Jishihaoren, as well as hand guns, we went also killed, you recognize it.Fortunately, also left a life, they are polite enough to your friends.Song Nanping glared at him: That was my wife to marry money, so let them steal it in vain?The Chairman said coldly: how can the?Is it still our brothers and then you killed these money to do?  Song Nanping told he could not manage to see, also closed his mouth, angrily out, but that I could not think of a good idea.He is now penniless, they were even unable to return home, and because of cold and hungry, the days are dark, the gate is closed, it is not out.He found a sheltered place, the first night grievances, to be too bright daylight flood gates opened, hurried out of town.  Song Nanping went straight to the mountain breeze.  Just a mountain, he was both patrolled the hill bandit found.Over the hill bandits stopped him and asked him to come to do the mountains.Song Nanping said angrily: You stole my money to marry his wife, I have to go back.The two bandits hills look like a monster looked at him, then laughed.Laugh over, they drove him down the hill.Song Nanping not go.Two hill bandits got angry, blindfolded him and took him to the villain’s lair in.  Villain’s lair is in a dilapidated temple.Black Hills bandit chieftain acquaint the youngest hear, feel fresh, Couguo.Eyes covered with black cloth ripped off, black youngest attentively watching him, he does not look like a sick man, asked him: Are you up the mountain, it is seeking death?Song Nanping said: I do not court death.But you stole my brother to marry his wife’s money, go home not marry her, should she marry someone else, I have painful death.I ask you to think about it for the money back to me.  Black youngest shaking his head, he said: into our pockets the money, how can also go back to the truth?We rob and not take with you!Taking advantage of I do not want to see blood, you Get out now!They came to the hill bandit mask his eyes, Song Nanping suddenly said: Wait!Brother, I can not give you income-generating livelihoods children work out ah?  Black youngest smiled and asked him: to make money bandit nest, fresh ah.You will do the job ah?Song Nanping, said: I am the cook.Minister Liu national government, you know it?I was his personal chef.I heard he was the youngest black willow times long private chef, suddenly wide-eyed.They eat purely to fool the stomach in the mountains, dare not expect to eat well ah?Now I heard there is a good cook, think of those meals Pen Pen fragrant, immediately to greedy drooling.Black youngest quickly said: Give us you do two dishes, to really do a good job, I’ll leave you.  The two bandits Song Nanping hill to the kitchen, on the basis of existing Song Nanping vegetables, to show its mettle, and soon made a few dishes.Sure enough chefs, skill is extraordinary, original food or dish, oil or the original oil, fire or the original fire, condiments condiments those still original, but a Song Nanping fried, it tastes may have changed, the color, flavor taste, the furnace control is more consummate.Just a dish pan, the two bandits on the hill straight greedy swallow, the youngest black on the outside to smell the smell of children, shouted: You two must not kid eating ah, give me served!  The taste, it does not fit the chopsticks, stretch children put a plate of food to eat his shirt.He looked up and saw a few mountain bandits positive drum with eyes looking at him, he was too busy to put down the chopsticks, called off a Song Nanping, asked him: you’d stay we menfolk children to cook it.The Minister to give you how much wages?  Song Nanping said quickly: six month foreign steel.  Black youngest waved, he said: I will give you the number of children.What needs to buy you a list of your My people go out.Give us your good brothers do, I will reward you well.Song Nanping busy promised, began to row down list.  Song Nanping this stay in the mountains.  But also a fine black youngest person, always wary of him, afraid he under the hands and feet in the dish, do not let him down, he made all his meals with material list to send another mountain bandits opened up to buy.Song Nanping but simply want to make money to live, single-minded to prepare meals for them, just want to get his wages, one day save enough money to marry his wife, a good downhill.His single-minded just to cook, they do not eat incense fall asleep, a few months down, down on weight.  Summer and autumn, seeing the cold days to go.Song Nanping youngest recommendations to the black, buy some cabbage and meat storage, ready for winter.Song Nanping youngest black toe early on in the cooking, thought, or cook very thoughtful people, should be a busy, commanded mountain bandits who, more than ready to engage in some cabbage and meat.Hill should be the bandits were busy.  They are doing business without capital.This is to be stored for the winter vegetables and meat, are also unwilling to pay the.Song Nanping say a number of years, those who look at the small hill bandits rob small downtown does not become, they devised to grab two big mark.  A few days later, Hill kidnappers put meat and vegetables have got to the mountains.The meat is good on pork, cabbage dish is mussels.Song Nanping This busy open.He split the first pork hanging onto the rope to start the bacon, and made a different storage methods based on the use of cabbage, some dry, some with pickled played a vat of sauerkraut.Black see his youngest large tank to put cabbage, very strange, and asked him what to do.Song Nanping sly smile and asked him: big brother, little brother you know what it is best at?  Black shook his head youngest.  Song Nanping, pointing to cabbage said: I can make these cabbage cabbage dinner table to.Black youngest stared in astonishment: light cabbage ah?Song Nanping nodded..Black youngest immediately to the interest: What are the practice ah?I had to know cabbage stew noodles and cabbage salad children.Song Nanping, pointing to the vat, said: In a few days, these sour pickled vegetables, and eat, and that time I’ll do a table.Black nodded youngest busy.  A few days later, Song Nanping fineness see those dishes almost, really to use the same color of the cabbage to the mountain bandits who made a few tables banquet.More than a dozen dishes, no one actually kind of heavy.Mountain bandits one by one stunned and widened eyes, could not believe.In particular, that road pickled white meat, sour trace of incense, incense reveals a cool, soon had a mountain bandits steal.Song Nanping youngest black patting on the shoulder and gave him a thumbs-up: brothers, let you opened the eyes.You cow, you really Niua.  Song Nanping youngest drink quite happy to see the black, she said to him: Brother, I want you to tell a fake.I have a trip back home, go home to his wife to marry, or else, my heart is not always practical ah.Black youngest smiled and said: Go back, go back.However, before you go, you can get the craft passed down.Song Nanping, nodding: say.  Song Nanping chose two meals mountain bandits like to do apprentice, put all of their craft to teach them.A few days later, they make meals have a kind of mold.Song Nanping receive their wages, said goodbye to the youngest black, down home, married his wife went Komidori.  A month later, back to the Song Nanping county breeze.He found the county chairman, said to him: you take people up the mountain mountain bandits grab bar.Those who eat bad stomach, now on the left Half-Life, you take people up the mountain, effortlessly, you can catch them all.Chairman of the county feel Yizheng.Song Nanping to see him still hesitant to let him 去打听打听 pharmacy, look at those mountain bandits recently is not coming to him to buy antidiarrheal.Chairman immediately sent to ask, is really the case.He has long been struggling with the mountain bandits who, I’m afraid official position was not guaranteed, the opportunity now before us, he will not hesitate to rectify the troops, and quickly clear up the mountain bandit.  Sure enough, those mountain bandits even waist are not straight up, and soon it was all captured.Chairman of the County excited to be rewarded Song Nanping.Song Nanping said that as long as he thirty-two foreign steel.The Chairman looked at him in amazement: how long thirty-two steel ocean ah?Song Nanping, said: This is their stolen my money to marry his wife, of course I want to come back.  He took thirty-two steel ocean, out of the county, to his wife happily walked past Komidori.Komidori went up to see him recover the money, laughed: You really considered quasi.Song Nanping smirked said: a cook you have to have that ability, trying to do bad dish can do bad, bad and when they want it and when they have it bad.To not this ability, it would not call the cook.