Cook kitchen knife and cut rebel emperor

Western Jin Dynasty, liangzhou has established a place before cold, cool, cool south, north cold, and several other separatist regime Xiliang.Zhang is one of the earliest built before the cold.Former Liang’s successor, Mao once into the public submission before Zhao, Zhang Jun also wengong southwest concede defeat, but they are seeking to protect themselves but of expediency, in order to be able to sacrifice the long corner and foster the development of their own forces.Zhang Zuo Shu Chang is the son of Zhang Jun, and Zhang Huan Hua is a heavy half-brother.Zhang Hua’s death re-pass to only 10 years old Prince Yao Zhang Ling, Zhang Zuo it with the help of Zhang Zhonghua Mother, destroy Zhang Yaoling usurper king.Chang Chung-hua’s mother to help Zhang Zuo, there is a reason.As early as Di Zhang Huawei weight when they Zhang Zuo Zhang Hua’s mother Markov heavy affair.ZHANG Zhong Hua’s death, and Zhang Zuo sworn Chang Chung Wa minions Zhao, who has petitioned Markov, difficult not razed when that should be set up long-jun, so Markov yielded to destroy Zhang Yao Ling, perfecting his old lover Zhang throne.Zhang Zuo after usurper, he claimed to cool king, Fengfengguangguang shop as an independent kingdom emperor.What had Zhang Zuo not fuel-efficient lights, in power after more intemperance, Yinbao no way, he will re-Hua Zhang’s mother, wife, daughter, three generations completely and simply outrageous to staggering proportions, DPRK all stare down.Zhang Zuo Xu black cook was hacked to death, in this matter, “Jin” is not for the record, only “Wei” has died cook Xu Zhang Zuo specific black hand of records, just a simple sentence: Ben Jo in, the kitchen is black with disabilities Xu killed.At that time nobody has to sacrifice their lives for Zhang Zuo, so Zhang Zuo Huangbuzelu escape the palace, met Xu black cook, one kitchen knife was seized.Why kill Zhang Zuo Xu Black, historian analysis, one of Zhang oak is certainly a departure from the heart.Zhang Zuo hoot about the battle, and about whom the Moken fighting, you can see reflected, the support rate already down to zero.How Zhang Zuo reign of only two years, they made up and down grievances, from that point, we are not allowed to imagine this public school to do it is to let everyone unhappy.However, serious enough to even cook could not understand him, and say that this is the biggest failure of the rulers.Furthermore, those who come to the throne is not a genuine person, and my heart some hair is true, people will always feel satisfied with themselves, often raw suspicion of the heart.Zhang Zuo ascended the throne at the beginning, then evil strong river provincial governor Zhang Guan, the strong Zhang Guan, made him uncomfortable, and he Baibandiaonan, let it go counter-insurgency, but quietly sent troops to attack Zhang Guan, a knife stabbed people, this is not to kill people Well, finally forced the anti-Zhang Guan.The most important point is that Zhang Zuo not able to control the power in their hands.Child prostitution is no way, is its most insolent expression.Zhang Zuo also learned Xiongwu childhood, there are only political affairs, but also for humanity poured clever, good internal and external commitments, should be a capable people who, once prohibitively result, they no longer control the power, do whatever they want and end up in a heads chopped off, BaoShi Road left the sad fate.