Cook snow [turn]

Legend of people in the Arctic because of the cold, opened his mouth to form ice, the other party can not hear, I had to go home to listen to roast slowly.This is extremely romantic legend, like a passionate southerner compiled out.    However, we assume that ice is really justified to speak, is quite difficult because, imagine: coming home cooked roast snow snow to use what the fire does?Because people are emotional conversation, cooked too slow or too fast are not enough to express emotions when speaking.    If I was born in the North Pole, you may want to cook question troubles for a long time, talk with impatient people, home use high heat to burn; talk to people and warm, home use slow fire.If people quarrel with it?Be sure to give birth to a home fire can Savaka was hot stripping stripping of beeps.    Romance encountered when coming home brewing was carefully atmosphere, first cut the ice table poetic word, cut it into thin pieces, plus one for the wine to boil, then boiled words It will be able to make tipsy.If Everlasting, you can not use fire, use candles plus a cup of coffee, it will not get too drunk, but also to maintain a clear hint.    Encounter people who do not like, do not like it much easier to handle, the form of ice at will dispose of it.Want to hear, you can cook half of the remaining half in future savoring, people living in the Arctic was so happy.    But happiness is not permanent, and sometimes the weather is too cold, students do not fire up, people are anxious, had to hold his hand and slowly let it snow melt, while the melt while listening.Would be required to meet Hotspur snow fell against the wall, fell and force hours to hear, listen and fall forced the earthquake roof tiles, causing noise.    I speak of romantic longing Arctic world, it was a quiet and peaceful life, but also to create their own world, full of noise in our era, sometimes I wish everyone was saying snow and ice are formed, how to deal with back home just a family affair, no law against it.Especially when many people want to open more boring meeting, you can put a large piece of noisy snowball thrown in the gutter in front of the home, you never see the light of day.    Sri Lanka Sri Lanka, the cook snow I am afraid to become a science, rich life experience can depending on the size of snow, snow fineness help people to cook for a living; because when boiled to perfection and speak appropriately, like, really difficult.Young lovers can borrow someone else’s “love snow”, to borrow someone else’s snow pine poured their hearts.    If the romance, so when snow and ice do not melt, they put a fire in the snow houses are burned, firing another spring.  [Editor: Tree man]