Eczema Diet recipe can easily cure eczema

Eczema are particularly vulnerable to the will be issued in the spring, many eczema patients therefore find it very disturbing that what a good idea it can cure eczema?Today small to tell you what eczema remedies, herbs can easily cure eczema。
Eczema remedies 1, a 100 g pepper, 50 g, 500 g, wok fried half basin of water, boiling water after win, gently rub the towel itches, washed once a day, a 3 days, with three wash nine days to eradicate eczema。
2, said Shanxi vinegar factory production and human disease have very little, so I feet every day with hot water in the tub which drops a small spoon of vinegar (a spoon is used to feed a child before meals feet kind), then add water to the inside of the basin。
For vinegar brand, I did not mind that is out of the yard, anyway, cheap on the line。
3, three bean porridge cure eczema in December last year, due to the cold weather, my eczema worse, never serious, two hands back half of the skin irritation, I made a commitment to cure eczema, I want to try try three bean porridge。 I checked the Internet this red bean, barley and lentils are spleen dehumidification, I think it should be useful, and began to drink three Douyu on December 17 every morning, when boiled red bean, barley, lentils I was under 4: 2: 1 ratio configuration。
And because it is too severe, the affected area began to water seepage, I paint the affected area with the compound fluocinonide tincture。
I heard Pixian also spleen and stomach, so every cook when I would put some go。
A month later, a miracle happened, eczema getting better, and now almost all good, the body does not itch, skin re not feeling so fresh, and there is no recurrence elsewhere, will be transferred as before。
Eczema Diet recipe can easily cure eczema 4, I can have a complete cure eczema and no side effects recipe, and share the hope that we can completely cure eczema, relieve pain。
Recipe follows: Take the boy urine into the tank (I put the kind of meat is packed cans, but since it is ancestral, I think would be better crock) heated to boiling, and after cooling to an acceptable warm the state of the affected area with a cotton swab dipped coated。 Note that must be hot when available, do not wait until cold and then。 In addition each time to take a new urine and then heated, not to say that one can always burn with。 I spent about two or three times just fine, remember the specific number of times, I was still young。 The party has no side effects, and the same applies to the baby (in fact, for the baby, the more simple, direct access his urine on it)。