Bacterial vaginosis can you have sex in general what are the symptoms

Bacterial vaginosis is a common gynecological disease, but it can also seriously affect the normal work and life of patients, the treatment must be carried out in a timely manner after the sick, but also pay attention to the daily life of conditioning。 Then bacterial vaginosis female sex can also do general What are the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis have a look at it below。
Bacterial vaginosis can have sex right bacterial vaginosis can have sex yet infected women with bacterial vaginosis overcast mostly because of the trauma in the vagina, some women will have ulcerated。
Because parasites, oral contraceptives cause vaginal, cervical mucus changes which come within the pH, so that the risk of bacterial vaginosis sex, the penis and the vagina friction, such a case occurs dyspareunia。 Women after vaginal infections should be absolutely prohibited sexual life, doing so only to avoid cross-infection vaginitis among both men and women, but also to avoid sexual intercourse because of inflammation worse。 If you find yourself suffering from bacterial vaginosis should be treated promptly to adopt the traditional method of treatment of bacterial vaginosis there are unavoidable flaws, so choose a safe and effective treatment of vaginitis is critical。
Common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis 1, abnormal vaginal discharge: normal women will have a vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge almost all of them white, no smell, the more viscous menstrual period, menstruation after disappearing。 The suffering of women with bacterial vaginosis, vaginal secretion will be more than usual, the color will become gray, pale yellow or cream。 2, itching: There are some women will appear the symptoms of itching, there will be severe genital burning sensation。 3, pain: After many married women suffering from bacterial vaginosis, conduct occasional sexual pain during intercourse, and accompanied by abdominal pain。 4, Other: Women suffering from bacterial vaginosis, they emit some experience under the fishy smell, which makes them restless in public places, unparalleled。
Tips: If you find yourself in some of the symptoms of abnormal vaginal discharge, genital itching, etc., you must pay attention。
If you suspect you may be infected with vaginitis, to go to the hospital, specifically what kind of vaginitis, do not own any medicines smear, so there may be worse to take a scientific approach is the key to treatment!related suggestion。