7 Zhugan blood, so that women eat a good color

  We all know that liver is rich in nutrients, it has a nutrition and health function, is one of the best share。 It is rich in protein, vitamins A and group B vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other minerals required by the body and is likely to lack of nutrients。
Eat liver blood eyesight, protect the liver beauty diet health care and prevention of night blindness。
  Winter weather is dry, this time Yi Shi Yang Yang nourishing food, drink some may choose Zhugan。
Here mainly to recommend 4 models Zhugan healthy cooking method, beauty, beauty mm so that each has good color in the fall。
  1 Zhugan practice, sesame oil Zhugan tomato sauce: 3 tablespoons sesame oil, rice wine half tablespoon, Salt。
  Practice: liver slices rinse off, soak for 30 minutes with cold water or salt water to clear water, changing the water intermediate 2?3 times。 Picked up with a little salt, soy sauce and cornstarch standby marinated。
Wash tomatoes, each cut 6。
Onions and parsley washed, respectively mince。 Wok put 3 tablespoons sesame oil, ginger until fragrant lower, discharge light blue fry cut, then add tomato slices fry together, poured into a bowl of water to boil 6, the liver and liver cook until cooked rice, salt seasoning, sprinkle green onions and parsley to taste。   Efficacy: Bugan blood, promote uterine recovery。
  2, wolfberry jujube Zhugan liver 200 grams, 150 grams of lean meat, jujube 5, an appropriate amount of wolfberry, 1 egg, starch amount, the oil amount, amount of salt, ginger 2。   Liver blood soak clean cut, you can still smell afraid with flour and then scrub clean, dry water reserve and porcine meat put together, oil, salt, pickled raw powder dates washed for about 15 minutes, the standby enucleated pot into about one thousand ml of water to boil, and then under the ginger, jujube and medlar boiled for about 5 mins and then poured into the prepared liver flavor and cooked meat, seasoning with salt, and then like it into egg, cook to close the lid 3, chrysanthemum Zhugan material: 250 g liver, chrysanthemums fresh 10。
  Method: liver washed, cut into thin slices, soaked with water until clear water, with the amount of flour, oil, and salt for 10 minutes; chrysanthemums fresh wash, take petals。
First chrysanthemum water into the pot and cook for 10 minutes, then add the liver, salt to taste and cook until cooked Serve effect under the liver: nourish the liver blood, beauty eyesight effect。   4, leeks Zhugan materials: liver 250 g, 200 g leek, ginger 3。
  Method: liver washed, cut into thin slices, soaked with water until clear water, with the amount of flour, oil, and salt for 10 minutes; leek to undercut sections; ginger and the amount of water into the pot boil, add roll cooked leeks and pork liver, salt and chicken powder seasoning and serve。   Effects: Liver, Yang helpful。
  5, spinach Zhugan material: 250 g liver, 200 grams of spinach, ginger 3。   Method: liver washed, cut into thin slices, soaked with water until clear water, with the amount of flour, oil, and salt for 10 minutes; choose clean spinach after boiling water (to the astringency) picked up and cut into sections; the amount of water and ginger into the pot boil, add spinach and liver, and post-roll cooked chicken powder seasoning salt。
  Efficacy: blood and blood, moistening Hua Chang。
  Note that this five things to eat liver 1, avoid eating too much once we know that high cholesterol contained in the liver。
If you eat too much time, the more intake of cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis and aggravate cardiovascular disease, so patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease should eat less pork liver。
  2, bogey and vitamin C ^ same clothes vitamin?Susceptible to oxidative damage, especially in the face of certain trace elements oxidized more rapidly。
Higher liver copper content, it can be used with vitamin?Combine to make vitamin C ^ lost its original function, therefore, can not eat liver while taking vitamin C ^。
  3, not to avoid eating poisonous to the liver is the largest organ of detoxification pigs, all kinds of toxic metabolites and feed some of the toxic substances will remain in the liver and detoxification after it enters the kidneys, and through urine excreted。 Porcine blood containing toxins are stored in thousands of dispersed liver sinuses, thus bought porcine application tap water for 10 minutes and then soaked in water for 30 minutes before consumption。
  4, with an enzyme preparation with the clothes bogey common enzyme pepsin, pancreatin, amylase, etc. Multienzyme, liver copper precipitate may be formed with an acidic enzyme protein gene, the amino acid molecules, affect the efficacy。
Thus, the enzyme can not take the time to eat liver drug class。
  5, avoid too tender fried liver heating is too short, not kill certain bacteria and parasite eggs in the liver, and therefore, can not eat liver too tender fried。